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SST49LF080A Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Operational Modes – Low Pin Count (LPC) Interface mode for in-system operation – Parallel Programming (PP) Mode for fast production programming. LPC Interface Mode – 5-signal communication interface supporting byte Read and Write – 33 MHz clock frequency operation – WP...
PD3501G/AC Digi-Key Microsemi Analog Mixed Signal Group Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) POE INJECTOR 15.4W 48V DESKTOP
PD9001GR/AC Digi-Key Microsemi Analog Mixed Signal Group Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) POE INJECTOR 30W 55V DESKTOP

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  • Fuel Efficiency Improvements from Lean, Stratified Combustion with a Solenoid Injector (.pdf)
    . instead of dwelling closer to it and obscuring it as occurs. in the second and third pictures. Figure 3 shows the pintle stroke, the applied current,. and the logic trigger signal for a triple injection. sequence. This figure demonstrates the ability of the. Figure 4: Spray Formation Recirculation Zone
  • A Novel Transient Drop Sizing Technique for Investigating the Role of Gasoline Injector Sprays in Fuel Mixture Preparation (.pdf)
    , enabling a maximum of two thousand measurements per second to be acquired. By combining the time-resolved drop size measurements with the synchronized spray images, the transient nature of the spray characteristics in relation to injector logic signal timing, injection frequency, and measurement
  • LES Simulation of the Internal Flow and Near-Field Spray Structure of an Outward-Opening GDi Injector and Comparison with Imaging Data (.pdf)
    rig and spray shadowgraphy setup. The spray imaging investigations utilize shadowgraphy. injection (SOI electric signal). They pertain to a specific. for visualization of the spray development which, with. convergent-divergent nozzle geometry of the valve
  • Medical Device Link .
    . It does so within a predefined time span to ensure the best possible scan of the head. This could be a matter of milliseconds, much faster and more accurate than any human could time this process manually. The CANopen network even sends a signal to the CT that there is a patient on the bed and that his
  • Additive Blending
    Hoffer Flow Controls supplies insertion liquid turbine flowmeters and signal conditioners to on an OEM basis. Gate City is located in Atlanta, Georgia and produces blending and additive metering equipment for the petroleum and chemical industries. Through the use of their advanced electronic
  • Doing Away With Cable Spaghetti - A One-Cable Solution for Gigabit Ethernet Cameras (.pdf)
    of Gigabit Ethernet. For this. simpler setup, and help achieve a lasting reduc-. reason, the direct current is superimposed on. tion in overall costs. the data signal using a phantom circuit known. from telecommunications technology (see Fig. 1). Neither signal affects the other. The superim-. posed
  • What is Power over Ethernet?
    Twice - Vol. 10 No. 29. 8/24/2010. Power over Ethernet - Vol. 10 No. 26. 8/19/2010. USB 2.0 and 3.0 Products Available at L-com - Vol. 10 No. 25. 7/27/2010. Want a clear wireless signal? It starts with the antenna! - Vol. 10 No. 24. 7/20/2010. IEEE-488 Tutorial - Vol. 10 No. 23. 7/8/2010. Cat 5e, Cat 6
  • Testing VDSL Remote Customer End Service Splitters
    the prescribed measurements. ./698831d3-336c-4b23-a0b8-3daa25fc8177 North Hills™Signal Processing Corp. ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Application Note # 163. Testing VDSL Remote (Customer) End Service Splitters. VDSL requires service-splitters at the network end as well. as the remote customer end to separate

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