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  • New Components and Design Methods Bring Intelligence to Battery Charger Applications
    , high-speed Pulse Width Modulators (PWMs), the benefits of a mixed signal design can be realized. In the past, a complex power-management system was developed using a high-speed analog PWM combined with logic and specialty analog-only circuits. In some cases, non-flexible, off-the-shelf solutions
  • Data Acquisition - Intelligence Means Flexibility (.pdf)
    allocates and locks. down a region of PCI slave memory in its address space, and passes this address to the. ACQ32. The ACQ32 is typically fed with an external 1MHz clock and a gate signal. On the. first clock after the gate, ACQ32 captures a (32 channel) sample of data and transfers this via. PCI
  • A Synthetic Genetic Edge Detection Program
    Edge detection is a signal processing algorithm common in artificial intelligence and image. recognition programs. We have constructed a genetically encoded edge detection algorithm that. programs an isogenic community of E.coli to sense an image of light, communicate to identify the. light-dark
  • Low Cost Switched Diversity System (.pdf)
    with buffered 10.7MHz. intermediate frequency (IF) output to feed the remote. INTRODUCTION. diversity module. The remote diversity module contains. all the intelligence needed to select the least distorted. Diversity reception in mobile communication systems. available antenna signal. The remote
  • Implementing Ultrasonic Ranging
    The microcontroller performs the intelligence and arithmetic functions for ultrasonic ranging, while the Polaroid 6500 Ranging Module performs the ultrasonic signal transmissions and echo detection. Implementing Ultrasonic Ranging. M. AN597. Implementing Ultrasonic Ranging. THEORY OF OPERATION. Author
  • Criteria for the Selection of the Proper Distance Sensor Technology
    to achieve a solution fitting the application. Several contact-less measuring processes are available for an optimum solution; each principles has its strength. The resolution corresponds to the smallest possible distance change, which effects a measurable change on the output signal. Linearity
  • Getting the Most Out of Your WirelessHART System (.pdf)
    the intelligence to discover neighbors, measure RF signal strength, acquire synchronization and. frequency hopping information, and then form or break links with neighbors. The network is defined by a unique. ID that binds nodes together into a network. This allows multiple networks to coexist without
  • Optical Fiber Waveguides Augment C4ISR Networks
    adoption of OFW® technology. The fundamental characteristic of OFW® technology is the ability to support ultra-low loss transport of broadband rF signal transmissions up to 40 GHz, over distances in excess of 100 km. Fiber optic cable, as a non-metallic signal conductor that is inherently immune
  • Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging - Preface
    University. He is also an adjunct professor at Bogazici University. His research interests include optical information processing, digital signal/image processing, statistical and computer intelligence, Fourier-related transforms and time- frequency methods. Product Details. Series: Wiley Series in Pure
  • Medical Device Link .
    of noise, and the accurate classification of signal subtypes. It has been applied in the design of patient monitoring and diagnostic devices for more than a decade. The strong potential of system theory for medical device applications was relatively unknown outside the engineering community until 1995

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