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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
IC AD9803 CCD SIGNAL PROCESSOR LQFP-48 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
AD3064892002 PLC Radwell Abb Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board PWA MIM SIGNAL PROCESSOR
64892002 PLC Radwell Accuray Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board PWA MIM SIGNAL PROCESSOR
64892002 PLC Radwell Asea Brown Boveri Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board PWA MIM SIGNAL PROCESSOR
1350627 PLC Radwell Wer Industrial Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board PC BOARD DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR
1350627 PLC Radwell Emerson Process Management Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board PC BOARD DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR
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  • Digital Signal Processors "Think " Analog But Work Digitally
    into discrete numeric values, which are sent to the DSP processor. The DSP analyzes the digitized signal, and encodes those values using a compression algorithm similar to techniques used to compress digital images. The compressed data is then stored in memory. Upon playback, the data is retrieved from memory
  • Digital Signal Processing - Design Guide
    Based on combining ever increasing computer processing speed with higher sample rate processors, Digital Signal Processors (DSP s) continue to receive a great deal of attention in technical literature and new product design. The following section on digital filter design reflects the importance
  • Embedded Processors Wiki
    . Searching and RSS Feed. Search for an article here: Embedded Processors Technology Developers. Check out the FAQ section, GSG category for Getting Started Guides or Training homepage for online training material. Embedded Processors. Microcontrollers. ARM Based Processors. Digital Signal Processors
  • Medical Software Development on KeyStone Processors
    . signal processors (DSPs) from Texas Instruments (TI) have enabled diagnostic systems. that achieve higher resolution image scans. and provide caregivers access to key clinical data in real time. This ability to meet the. processing constraints of medical systems. is not only a function
  • Digital Signal Processing with the PIC16C74
    of the signal, calculation. become more commonplace these days with the avail-. of the output, and output to the D/A converter all must. ability of higher speed processors. Since most signal. be completed within the sample clock period, the speed. processing systems consist of a host processor
  • Is a Mixed-Signal ASIC the Right Choice (.pdf)
    size constraint, and especially if the electronics. required are not standard IC functions, a custom ASIC may be your only solution. An example might be a sensor application that requires a signal conditioning processor to. be in very close proximity to the sensor transducer – all of which needs to fit
  • Selecting a Processor Reset IC
    . an external resistor, capacitor and diode need to be added as. shown in Figure 1. This circuitry increases reset time delay by. overriding the internal supervisor circuitry. PIC17Cxx. Extending power supply reset time delay as shown in Figure 1 is. not without its unwanted side effects. The reset signal must
  • Using Microcontrollers in Digital Signal Processing Applications
    . For. example, digital filters provide several benefits over their analog counterparts. These algorithms are traditionally. implemented using dedicated digital signal processing (DSP) chips, FPGAs, or RISC processors. While these. solutions are very efficient at their purpose, they only perform one function