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  • An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing
    An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing. Describing the essential tools and techniques of statistical signal processing, this book includes a wide variety of examples of the most popular random process models and their basic uses and properties.
  • Dynamic Signal Analysis Basics
    Describes the basic dynamic signal analysis theory including Fourier Transform, data windowing, linear spectrum, power spectrum, cross spectrum, FRF and coherence, averaging, transient capture and hammer test, overlapping process, SDOF system.
  • High Density Signal Processing in Factory Automation
    The Automation industry uses a wide range of control cabinets on the factory floor. Process parameters being monitored and controlled frequently require signal conversion and/or isolation before being connected to PLC analog input channels. The Automation industry deals with process monitoring
  • A 4-20 mA Signal Goes The Distance
    A 4-20 mA control signal is one of the signals of choice in the Building Automation industry as well as in the Industrial Process arena. Most of the various transmitters and output devices available from Kele utilize a 4-20 mA input or output signal. In large commercial buildings, expansive
  • AN112 Filtering in Signal Conditioning Modules, SCMs
    Signal conditioning modules, SCMs, used for measuring process control variables such as temperature, pressure, strain, position, speed, level, etc. are always subject to externally induced noise signals. Electrically and magnetically induced noise voltages/currents are inevitable. Field sensors
  • AN508 Protecting Signal Lines Against EMI
    In today's dynamic industrial environments, electronic devices, signal and power wiring, and other electrical plant/process equipment often interact to create "noise" or electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems which can degrade critical measurement and control signals. Proper grounding
  • Exploring anti-aliasing filters in signal conditioners for mixed-signal, multimodal sensor conditioning
    Some sensor-signal conditioners. are used to process the output. of multiple sense elements. This. processing is often provided by. multimodal, mixed-signal conditioners that can handle the outputs from several sense elements. at the same time. This article. analyzes the operation of antialiasing
  • Process Control Application Note
    Most industrial processes require that certain variables such as temperature, flow, level or pressure, remain at or near some reference value (setpoint). Closed-loop control is used to achieve this. The process controller looks at a signal representing the process value, compares it to the desired

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