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  • Connect/Disconnect Instructions for Silent Chain
    There are a number of industrial silent chain manufacturers in the United States and each produces different types of silent chain. Chains from different manufacturers differ in design and therefore should not be interconnected, nor should their parts be interchanged. These instructions illustrate
  • Ramsey Silent Chain Opens The Doors To The Universe
    Mount Wilson Observatory, located on Mount Wilson in California, is the site of some of the last century's ground-breaking astronomical discoveries. Not long ago, an engineer at the Mount Wilson Observatory contacted Ramsey for assistance in replacing the silent chain drives that open and close
  • Ramsey Silent Chain Powers Floating, High Volume Water Pump
    Made to relocate water, the floating pump is a unique piece of. equipment that moves water from a place of plenty to a place where. it is needed. Or it can work in the opposite - removing water from an. area where it is not wanted, as in the case of a flood. Usually, a floating. pump sits in an
  • Ramsey Silent Chain Drives High Speed Moving Walkway
    Millions of people every day use the products of one of the leading. escalators and moving walkways companies in the world. Their escalators. and moving walkways effectively transport people safely, comfortably. and quickly. With their new high-speed walkway, company engineers were looking to.
  • Wear Resisitant Glass Bottle Conveying Chains (.pdf)
    For many years, silent chain, also known as inverted tooth chain, has been used to transport glassware in both hot-end and cold-end applications. Providing a flat, stable, smooth, and heat resistant surface, such chains are available in many "standard" styles and sizes. In most production
  • Celebrating 90 years of Innovation
    that would allow him to test silent chains. He then spent the next year and a half testing every silent. chain available. Armed with the results of this extensive research and. testing, Joseph Ramsey then developed what he thought. was the ideal chain; one that stood up to his 'wear-out'. machine better
  • Improved Glass Conveyor Chain for Higher Productivity
    For many years, Inverted tooth chain, also known as silent chain, has been used to transport glassware in both hot end and cold end applications. Providing a stable, flat and smooth, heat resistant surface, such chains are available in many different designs and sizes. Operators and designers
  • Improving the life expectancy of glass conveying chains
    Silent conveying chains are used extensively in the transportation of glass bottles and jars. In most production settings, efforts made to prolong conveyor chain life can yield significant cost savings and improvement in bottle production. William Hall discusses the factors influencing chain

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