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  • On-line Measurement of the Size of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Nanoparticles (.pdf)
    Silicon carbide (SiC) has physical and chemical properties suited to the most demanding industries. Its use is therefore very widespread, not just in electronics on account of its wide band semi-conductor performance, but also in the nuclear field where it is used for its excellent resistance
  • Qualification Method For Powder Injection Molded Components
    . High Density,. W-Ni-Cu, W-Ni-Fe High density. Electronic. Ceramics. Wear applications,. Alumina. Low cost. Nozzles, Ferules. Zirconia. High wear resistance. Silicon Carbide. High wear resistance. Silicon Nitride
  • Medical Device Link .
    with aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, or other powders can result in a static load of 5000 V, giving rise to ESD events that can destroy sensitive devices such as resistors, PCBs, and pacemakers. The (Ridderkerk, Netherlands) has developed a workstation that prevents these electrostatic charges
  • Metal Injection Molding of Co-28Cr-6Mo
    . Abstract. Carbon in Co-28Cr-6Mo can form grain boundary carbides,. which are detrimental to mechanical properties, especially. Metal injection molding of gas- and water-atomized Co-28Cr-. ductility [2,3]. Chromium carbides can form a eutectic that. 6Mo powders is evaluated. Sintering is conducted
  • Microabrasion: Controlling the Process
    aluminum oxide, glass beads, crushed glass, sodium bicarbonate and silicon carbide. We will recommend the best powder to suit your needs. Powder vs Cutting Speed. Nozzle Distance to Surface. Aside from the powder flow rate, the distance you hold the nozzle away from your work surface will also play
  • AN0016 Micro-sectioning of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
    will almost certainly generate damage around the chip edges during grinding. Consequently use of a high quality, low stress potting compound is recommended. Waterproof Silicon Carbide grinding paper is available in many grit sizes. Paper should be selected as appropriate to the sample being prepared
  • Airbrasive (R) Media Material Safety Data Sheets
    Data Sheets. Aluminum Oxide Blend 27 Micron AP101, AP102, AP121. Aluminum Oxide Blend 50 Micron AP105, AP106, AP123. Aluminum Oxide Blend 17 Micron AP109, AP110. Aluminum Oxide Blend 10 Micron AP107, AP108. Sodium Bicarbonate Mixture 50 Micron AP111, AP112. Silicon Carbide Mixture 50 Micron AP114
  • Milling Equipment FAQs
    and of no significance. When grinding abrasive materials such as alumina, silica, iron oxides etc. the mill is lined with tungsten carbide or silicon carbide ceramics with MOH hardness of 9.6 (with diamond being a 10). These linings have been developed over the past 35 years and were one of the first uses

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