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  • Federal Register > Tuesday, June 22, 1999 > [64 FR 33202] National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Steel Pickling-HCl Process Facilities an...
    Specialty steel means a category of steel that includes silicon electrical , alloy, tool, and stainless steels . Steel pickling means the chemical removal of iron oxide mill scale that is formed on steel surfaces during hot rolling or hot forming of semi - finished steel products through contact with... ...such contact occurs prior to shaping or coating of the...
  • Introduction to Powder Metallurgy
    ...74 photo 83 segregation 113, 114 self-diffusion 187, 189, 218 self-propagating reactions 230 SEM see scanning electron microscopy semi - finished products 140, 164, 177... ...ceramics 309 sensing zone, electrical 87-9 separation (classification) methods 74 shaping 121-79, 225, 226... ...plasma 234 post 262 powder injection moulding (PIM) 149-50 powder mixtures 215 pressure 155, 163 properties developed during 202 rate controlled sintering (RCS) 231-2 reaction (bonded) silicon nitride 229 'reactive liquid... ...sized) powders 210-12 steels 255, 256, 258, 266...
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, December 27, 2000 > [65 FR 81964] Effluent Limitations Guidelines, Pretreatment Standards, and New Source Performance Standards f...
    (q) Slab means a semi - finished piece of steel resulting from hot-rolling an ingot into an oblong shape , which is relatively wide and thin. Specialty steel categories include: Electrical , alloy, stainless and tool. ...heat resistant steel in which the chief alloying elements are chromium, nickel and silicon in various combinations...
  • Technical and economic aspects of the manufacture of pure iron powder by a chloride method
    Some branches of industry, in which pure iron is an indispensable material, employ such substitutes as low-carbon electrical steel of the Armco iron type or resort to the use of carbonyl iron powder. ...powder in the Soviet Union is to develop into a large-tonnage business, a sufficient demand must come from our industry for finished sintered articles (components of machines, instruments, and applicances) and semifinished stock (sheet, rods, shapes , tubes, etc.) produced by... ...containing only negligible amounts of impurities such as carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, manganese, and silicon and aluminum oxides.
  • Powder metallurgy in Poland
    ...and soft graphit[zed and polished molybdenum wire, including a grade with a silicon addition; strip clad... Parts made of them have highly complex shapes , and vary widely in size and weight-- from 0... ...iron and bronze bearings with or without graphite additions; sintered sliding bearings on steel strips; parts such... Of the many materials being supplied to the electrical industry, the most important are sintered electri- cal... In addition, small quantities are being produced of powders for welding and plasma deposition, tantalum powder, sintered alumina semifinished products, and other sintered materials for special purposes.
    This report covers stainless steel mill products, which include semifinished products (ingots, blooms, billets, and slabs), plate, sheet and strip, bars and certain shapes (including angles), wire rod, wire, and pipe and tube. Stainless steel is defined in the 2 Stainless steel, alloy tool steel, silicon electrical steels, and high-temperature and high-strength alloy steels are often referred to in the industry as specialty steel.
  • Successes of the institute—Successes of the sector
    ...of uniformity (which provides the metal with good ductility properties for cold heading, finish forging, and other metal- shaping methods in machine construction... ...fasteners; high-quality bearing steel in heavy coils for... ...heat-resistant alloys; bimetallic semifinished products and tubes for... processes in the production of ferro- alloys, rolled products, forgings and in electrical steelmaking and powder... example, a technology developed for the production and treatment of high- silicon silicoman- ganese provides for the...
  • Inventions
    A method has been developed for making isotropic electrical steel . The method includes the refining of steel with a silicon content of 2.0-3.5%, hot... The method provides for rough forming of the channel on a rectangular semifinished product and final forming of the section with the use of two-roll passes. The resulting channel- shaped sections are joined along their bases and arranged so that they lie on...
  • An Investigation into some Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Stainless Steel Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Powder Compacts
    ...these are better ductility, toughness, and inter laminar shear strength, higher thermal and electrical conductivity, less inflammability... Some of the typical fibre/matrix combinations that have attracted interest for MMC applications are: boron/aluminium, beryllium/ aluminium, carbon/aluminium, alumina/aluminium, boron/titanium, tungsten/titanium, silicon /carbide/titanium, boron/magnesium, carbon/copper and stainless steel /aluminium. Initially, one process (primary) may be used to produce a semi - finished material of simple shape such as a monolayer sheet or a tape.
  • Federal Register > Thursday, August 9, 2001 > [66 FR 41789] Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality Implementation Plans; Pennsylvania; VOC and NOX RACT Dete...
    1) The BOFs are barrel- shaped furnaces lined with refractories. The maximum production rate is 140 tons of steel per hour, combined. The sufficient heating is ‡generated inside the furnace by electrical current flowing between the three graphite electrodes... During the oxygen-argon blowing, fluxes and ferro silicon are added to the furnace. 4) The soaking pits and heating/reheating furnaces are used to bring ingots and semi - finished steel products to a uniform temperature in order to make them suitable for hot working.

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