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  • Coming to a theater near you
    is an optical system for a single D-ILA device. Silicon Light Machines' GLV device is made up of tiny pixels on the surface of a silicon chip. Each pixel is comprised of ribbonlike structures that move up and down. Texas Instruments compared a poly-Si LCD projector to a DLP projector. Under the same
  • Short-wave IR imaging invades machine vision
    in the SWIR band with minimal cooling and electronic overhead, making the cameras similar in operation to silicon CCDs and CMOS imagers. With growing experience has come increased user confidence to use these cameras 24/7. SWIR-based machine-vision systems have proven successful, economically
  • Machine Vision Adds Capacity, Safety to Road 'Well-Traveled'
    Ambient light has been a challenge for machine vision cameras and systems, which had their genesis in the more controlled environments of the industrial production floor. "The most common solution is to use infrared (IR) light and use a silicon sensor without the typical NIR filter-coating applied
  • Electronics for Imaging Systems
    with the components will help the selection process. Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs) are the most common camera sensors used in machine vision applications. The CCD camera contains a silicon chip which consists of a matrix of light sensitive photosites called pixels. The CCDs' popularity can be linked to its
  • University of Waterloo Skip to the content of the web site.
    . Sensors can convert an optical signal (or anything that is radiant, e.g., visible light) into an electrical signal that can be recognized, stored in a computer and later, transmitted. They take information from the analog world and make it computer compatible. Thus sensors can serve as key components
  • Basics of Design Engineering: Bearings
    provide long-lasting, high-speed, quiet operation and are suitable for light applications, such as compact fan motors, paper feeders in copy machines and printers, laptop computers, and micromotors. The bearings, identified as BBSPLN-L Series, are formed by stacking "petalshaped " laminated
  • Plastics for plasma etching
    a particular mode of operation. The unit is a multifunction, multichamber plasma-processing system for deposition, etch, and semiconductor fabrication. Silicon wafers aren't the only things that lose material in the various etching steps of IC manufacturing. The clamp rings which hold the wafers also
  • The Camara Oscura Being Developed by South Coast Photonics Could Revolutionize the Way Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Electronic
    Putting the Thin- Film Revolution on the Fast Track A new machine, Camara Oscura, could economically manufacture a wide variety of thin-film electronic devices and do it in high volumes. See the Camara Oscura in action at For more information on roll-to-roll manufacturing: Flexible, thin-film

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