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  • Chemical Applications: Sonolator Application Card - Silicone Emulsions
    in many applications such as mold releases, antifoams, cosmetics, textiles, and more. Our Sonolator systems subject the silicone/water mix to high pressures, cavitation and fluid acceleration and effectively reduce the oil droplet size to sub-micron levels, if needed. This makes for a stable
  • Medical Device Link . Characterizing Silicone Elastomers for Pump Tubing Applications
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Knowing the pros and cons of peroxide-cured and platinum-cured silicone elastomers can help manufacturers select the one that best fits their tubing needs. Tubing has a wide range of health-care applications. It serves as a conduit for blood, chemotherapy drugs
  • Low Extractable Silicone Tubing (.pdf)
    For several years, pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals have increasingly stated concerns about material leachables and extractables and their impact on the products they produce. Fluid transfer systems that include flexible tubing have been at the forefront of this discussion.
  • And Fluoro Technologies Created New Dimensions for Liquid Silicone Rubber
    Fluorosilicone elastomers are very. competitive in applications operating. under wide ranges of temperatures and. in contact with aggressive fluids. In. applications like turbocharger hose. liners, the combined needs of high. temperature stability, adhesion to. dimethyl silicones and fluid
  • Technical Resources: Silicone Hose Chemical Resistance Guide (.pdf)
    , stability of the fluid and possible contamination.
  • Medical Device Link .
    University (Blacksburg, VA) could provide a treatment option that offers a number of advantages over current techniques. Conventional treatment involves injecting either silicone fluid or a special gas directly into the eye to push the retina back into place. But when
  • Automatically Material Fluid Control Valve
    Volume requires Automatic Feeding of all parts, Automatically Assembling all parts and applying a Measured amount of Silicone Sealant to each Part while maintaining a Maximum Output.
  • Lube-for-life journal bearings
    to the pin/bearing interface; scrubbing using a graphite or MoS Sintered bearings disperse a liquid lubricant such as oil, grease, or silicone fluids trapped in the bearing wall. The lubricant eventually runs dry and must be replenished from an external source. Scrubbing mechanisms also rely

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