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  • Silicone Flexible Heaters with Arlon InsilThin
    silicone foam insulation, but additionally can yield up to 50% power consumption savings compared to silicone flexible heaters assemblies insulated with silicone foam insulation.
  • New Advances in Silicone-based Thermal Insulation
    Silicone foam is currently used as the thermal insulation material of choice for many heating applications. However, silicone foam has disadvantages that limit its use in many applications. These disadvantages include: a thickness requirement that is unmanageable to meet specified temperature
  • Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) Silicone
    Room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone is constructed of reactive oil base polymers combined with strengthening mineral fillers. There are two types of Room temperature vulcanizing silicone: • RTV-1. • RTV-2. RTV-1 (One-component systems). RTV-1 hardens directly under the action of atmospheric
  • Medical Device Link .
    , PA) announced that it will be supplying PEEK for use in such long-term implants as hip replacements. The material can be processed in standard injection molding machines and doesn't need extensive secondary operations. (Weatherford, TX) displayed its expertise in the development of silicone
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
    silicone layer that can be adhered to another object. The company has also developed a curable,
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    A pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive available in various solvents adheres to skin, metals, glass, paper, fabric, plastics, silicone, and organic rubber. MED-1355 retains its adhesive properties in the presence of perspiration or other moisture, and is not affected by normal temperature
  • Designs that won't go up in smoke
    in the car's design caused it to fail in a mock-up flammability test. Flashover occurred in 3 min. Subsequent tests, however, demonstrated that a design modification solved the problem. Most silicones such as Bisco Cellular Silicone are inherently temperature resistant and provide a low rate of smoke
  • Tape eases appliance design pressures
    and "release " needs. Release is the degree of ease with which the liner or backing may be removed from a tape. Typically, release is determined by a silicone coating that prevents the adhesive from forming a strong bond with the release liner. Some bond is necessary

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