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Parts by Number for Silicone Membrane Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
704.600.2 Allied Electronics, Inc. EAO SWITCH Not Provided Front Ring Bezel,Brass with Protective Silicone Membrane, Flush Mounting
704.955.3 Allied Electronics, Inc. EAO SWITCH Not Provided FLUSHMOUNT ADAPTER W/SILICONE MEMBRANE

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  • Medical Device Link . Comparing Liquid and High Consistency Silicone Rubber Elastomers: Which Is Right for You?
    Silicone elastomers have been employed for many years in the manufacture of medical devices, medical device components, and medical tubing. They have found use in a variety of critical-care and life-enhancing applications such as hydrocephalic shunts, pacemaker lead coverings, catheters
  • Oceanic Trace Gas Measurements by Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry (.pdf)
    . filament. RF field. Generator. Gas In. Instrumentation II: Large Area Membrane Inlet System. sample out. sample in. Silicone. membrane. vacuum. Flow Rate Effects. 1.0. 1.5. O / Ar. 2. CO / Ar. 2. 0.9. 1.4. N / Ar. 2. gnal. 1.3. 0.8. a. t. i. v. e. Si. 1.2. 0.7. Rel. 1.1. Argon. 0.6. Carbon Dioxide
  • Silicone Keypad Design Guide
    Ryan Screen Printing (RSPI) is your trusted source for molded rubber parts, plastic injection molding, membrane switches, turn-key assemblies and more. Our engineers and offshore production facility can design, rapid prototype, and produce your rubber parts. This domain has
  • Silastic (R) Fluoro-Liquid Silicone Rubber (F-LSR)
    Learn how fully fluorinated F-LSR elastomers from Dow Corning can enhance design flexibility and increase process efficiency. Liquid injection molding can help reduce processing costs for seals, O-rings, diaphragms, membranes and parts used on engine systems and emission controls.
  • Medical Device Link .
    , in some cases it may be desirable to make the membrane more resistant to moisture. An agent such as silicone, silane gas, or a fluorocarbon can render the membranes even more hydrophobic. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is highly hydrophobic and is not usually treated to make it more so
  • Medical Device Link .
    materials used in their construction are USP Class VI compliant and free of latex and DEHP. Housings are made of polycarbonate and valves of silicone. The four standard design options available for these injection sites are a male luer injection cap, y site, tubing access port, and burette cap. Metal
  • Medical Device Link .
    Two-shot silicone-thermoplastic molding is a method to create a silicone-and-thermoplastic part in one press and in one process. These parts are traditionally molded individually and assembled as one completed medical device component. The two-shot process eliminates secondary operations
  • Ammonia Pressure Measurement using Thermal Flash Protection (.pdf)
    O-ring will fail. Fluid filled sensors suffer from freezing effects. This causes a rupture of the thin diaphragm membrane, which is welded in place to hold in the silicone oil-fill. Thin film sensors [based on 15-5 and 17-4PH stainless steels] that have their diaphragm welded to a pressure port

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