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Parts by Number for Silicone Rubber Heater Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
040040C10000 PLC Radwell Watlow Not Provided 120V SILICONE RUBBER HEATER
030050C20000 PLC Radwell Watlow Not Provided 120/240V SILICONE RUBBER HEATER

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  • Silicone Flexible Heaters with Arlon InsilThin
    . Silicone flexible heaters with improved energy efficiency offer a significant advantage over less efficient legacy products. Arlon InsilThin significantly improves energy efficiency by preventing heat transfer from the silicone flexible heater to the ambient atmosphere. Compared to assemblies
  • Medical Device Link . Injection Molding With Liquid Silicone Rubbers: Using Process Design To Maximize Results
    and Biomaterials Magazine MPB Article Index Originally published November 1997 SILICONES Injection Molding With Liquid Silicone Rubbers: Using Process Design To Maximize Results Virgil J. Johnson Following the introduction of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in the early 1970s, decisive improvements
  • Prototyping Techniques for Etched-Foil Heaters
    , including polyimide, silicone rubber, mica, optically-clear polyester, or PTFE. If the size or shape of your heat sink precludes using a single standard heater, you can. often construct a mosaic to cover the surface. Grouped etched-foil heaters can also mimic profiled designs. You increase power
  • Industry Reference: Electronics Industry - Heater Applications and Solutions
    Electronic's considerations and solutions for refrigerated warehouses, satellite antennas, ATM Electronics, cold weather sporting equipment... Thermal Circuits -Electronics flexible silicone rubber heaters, thin film Kapton etched foil heaters. Refrigerated warehouses pose a particular challenge
  • Industry Reference: Avionics, Aerospace and Military
    Applications include: Silicone rubber insulated heater, metalwork and anti-icing assemblies, Polyimide insulated etched foil element heaters for on-board flight navigation equipment, Molded etched foil element heaters to enable missile deployment in extreme cold... Thermal Circuits - Avionics
  • Industry Reference: Transporation
    Etched foil heater applications for: heating trailer tank's inner liner, cold weather starting batteries for diesel engines,etc. Thermal Circuits - Transportation etched foil heaters, Silicone rubber insulated heaters. Trailer trucks transporting temperature-controlled liquids use Thermal Circuits
  • Industry Reference: Automobiles, Trucks and SUV's
    and heater assemblies to improve automobile performance, safety and passenger comfort. Etched foil heaters in side view mirrors melt ice and snow and prevent condensation. Side view mirror heaters are applied by a Tier One mirror housing OEM to the back of the driver and passenger side view mirrors
  • Beer, Hockey, Sandwiches, and Seals - Food and Beverage Equipment
    Sometimes, silicone is the right rubber material for food and beverage equipment. A non-organic compound, it doesn't decompose at high or low temperatures. Silicone parts are also easy to extrude, and cost-effective to produce in small quantities. SBR materials for sheet packing are also popular

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