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  • Mixing Emulsions Made Easy (.pdf)
    Shear. Mixers have been proven time and again to achieve excellent product quality without the. need for as much emulsifiers in the formula. EMULSION STORY #1: One customer making various cosmetic products was making a base formulation made up. of silicone oil, surfactant and water. As most silicone
  • Bubreak siloxane
    surfactants. The general chemical structure of these organomodified siloxanes is shown below:Polydimethyl siloxane Viscosity: 50 - 100,000cpsSilicone polymer dimethyl polysiloxane THE MECHANISM OF ACTION OF SILICONE DEFOAMERS The surface tension of a defoamer has to be lower than that of the foaming
    -crack agents for polyethylene. Alcohols, silicone oils, and surfactants are the most commonly known agents, but this list is by no means exhaustive. For specific cases in which the effect of an environment on polyethylene has not been documented, testing is required to identify any possible
  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Medical plastics
    releases, either silicone based or non-silicone types, as sprayed onto a mould to aid ejection of parts from the mould are usually "taboo " with medical mouldings BUT if the moulding compound has a surface lubricant or slip agent incorporated into it there could still be traces of lubricant
  • Colloid Systems Particle Size Analysis
    stability of colloidal photonic crystal solutions easily and quickly. Dispersion Rheology A rapid method to predict particle sedimentation in liquid dispersions. Article: Optimizing silicone emulsion stability using zeta potential Silicones are synthetic polymers containing a Si┬ľO backbone
  • Medical Device Link .
    , in some cases it may be desirable to make the membrane more resistant to moisture. An agent such as silicone, silane gas, or a fluorocarbon can render the membranes even more hydrophobic. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is highly hydrophobic and is not usually treated to make it more so
  • Medical Device Link . Identifying and Preventing Contamination from Pharmaceutical Packaging
    disclosed the formulation of the elastomer, and an investigation of the raw materials was initiated. The elastomer contained 11 ingredients, including two inorganic reinforcements, an antioxidant, a cross-linking agent and associated synergist, stearic acid, an aliphatic oil, a silicone lubricant
  • Optimized deaeration
    suspensions Defoamers Deaerators Silicone oils Aliphatic alcohols Paraffins Fatty acid esters Fatty alcohol alkoxylates Fatty acid ethoxylates Polyglycols Fatty acid polyethers Fatty alcohols Just like the foaming effect of surfactants, the performance

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