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  • Tribology of Co-sputtered Nanocomposite Au/MoS2 Solid Lubricant Films over a Wide Contact Stress Range
    posite brush materials that are formed from compos- ites of silver powder and 10–15% of MoS2 powder (with additions of small amounts of either copper or graphite ).
  • Anisotropic oxidation of MoS2 crystallites studied by angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
    The brushes contain silver as the conductive material and MoS2 as the vacuum lubricant. Graphite is also included in the composite, and may provide lubrication when operated in air, but does...
  • Wear resistance of sliding electrical contacts of silver-base composite materials
    The addition to silver of up to 2% of lubricant, either graphite or molybdenum disul- fide, does not prevent seizing of the contact brush and the abradent. The addition of 3% graphite sharply decreases the wear of the contacts, the increase in its content in the sil- ver matrix does not substantially influence the wear resistance, but the technical proper- ties of the contact material become poorer. The addition of 4-5% MoS2 reduces the coeffi- cient of friction to 0.15-0..2...
  • Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets > Sliding electrical contact materials for use in ultrahigh vacuum.
    In the same manner, silver - graphite brushes , which are commonly used for low-noise, high-capacity sliding contacts in air,have been modified for use in vacuum by substituting MoS2 for graphite. This paper de- scribes the development and operating characteristics of such a material .
  • Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets > Performance of an aerodynamic molecular beam chamber for cryopumpingand adsorption pumping studies.
    In the same manner, silver - graphite brushes , which are commonly used for low-noise, high-capacity sliding contacts in air, have been modified for use in vacuum by substituting MoS2 for graphite. This paper de- scribes the development and operating characteristics of such a material .
  • Introduction to Powder Metallurgy
    Graphite , polytetrafluorethylene, MoS2 or Pb are utilized as solid lubricants in bearings (see 11.8) under dry service conditions up to 50 vol.%. ...copper) powder content up to 30 wt.% are widely used as carbon brushes in electric motors. Silver based composites with some graphite or with 20-40% nickel are used as contact materials .
  • ZASMHBA0002259
    The ideal composite must support, in the bulk of the material , the dynamic stresses of the application... Additionally, composite blocks of silver , MoS2 , and either graphite (Ref 44) or copper (Ref 45, 46) are used as brushes in sliding electrical contacts.
  • Environmental hardening of equipment operating in an automated test bed enclosure. Special Isotope Separation Program (SIS)
    Graphite-20 to 25% silver Carbon- graphite MoS2 The initial set consisted of tests of brush materials made in an attempt to obtain the best replacement brushes in the shortest possible time.
  • Experimental study regarding electrostatic spray coating of solid lubricant for gears
    The most common dry solid lubricants are lamellar films (molybdenum disulfide MoS2 , graphite , tungsten disulfide WS2), nonmetallic films, soft metallic films, lamellar carbon compound films, diamond and diamond like carbon, grease, soap, wax, polymers (PTFE, nylon, polyethylene) [1,2,3,4,5]. It is well known that, the solid lubricating materials can be obtained by different methods of production. For high sliding velocities and loads, electroplated silver or indium coatings of 500 to 1500 m, as... ...application method could be made by conventional-spray equipment, electrostatic spray, dipping, roll coating, brush coating etc.
  • Effect of electrical current on the tribological behavior of the Cu-WS2 -G composites in air and vacuum
    Surface and friction characterization of MoS2 and WS2 third body thinfilms under simulated wheelrail rolling-sliding contact... ...Z H, XIA J T. Study on surfacefilm in the wear of electrographite brushes against copper commutators... Annual Review of Materials Research, 2009, 39(1): 297–324. The influence of pressure on the electrical tribology of carbon nanotube- silver - graphite composite[J].
  • Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment
    These lubricants can be applied by brush , dip, or spray techniques, much like a paint. Sputtered, impingement, and manually applied lubricants consist of powders of MoS2 or other compounds with similar platelet... Soft metal coatings, such as lead and silver , have also found limited use as dry lubricants, most... ...fluorocarbon are examples of polymer dry lubricants, and are also used as matrix materials for polymer composites. Glass and graphite fibre reinforcements are also use to increase strength and stiffness.
  • Friction, Wear, and Noise of Slip Ring and Brush Contacts for Synchronous Satellite Use
    material combinations Silver graphite composite brushes utilizing of MoS2 or NbSe2 as lubricants .
  • ZASMHBA0002333 applications where tribological properties are of paramount importance, such as electrical contact brushes , bearings, pistons, cylinder... ...hardness: (1) hard particles with hardness of 4 to 30 GPa (580 to 4350 ksi), such as SiC, AI20 3, and silica, and (2) soft particles with hardness below 2 GPa (290 ksi), such as graphite and MoS2 , which are primarily added... ...alloys used for the synthesis of composites include those based on aluminum, copper, silver , iron, magnesium, steel... Mechanical Properties of Metal-Matrix Composites The mechanical properties of a material are important in determining its...
  • Electrical contacts produced by powder metallurgy methods
    Solid lubricating fillers used include graphite , MoS2 , WS2, ZnS, other chalcogenides, and fluorides. Thus, e.g., on ex- truded silver specimens with a 5 vol. In spite of their very good antifriction properties, these contact materials nevertheless exhibit fairly high coefficients of... ...switches of an R-345 instrument, rub- bing against BrMts-0.8 bronze brushes at a current...
  • The effects of apparent contact area on thermal and electrical properties of Ag-MoS2-C/sub graphite/ brushes in contact with coin-silver slip rings
    ELECTRICALPROPERTIES OF Ag- MOS2 -Cgraphite BRUSHESIN CONTACT WITH COIN- SILVER SLIP RINGS Brushes for slip ring assemblies are often run-in to increase their apparent area of contact to... The most common materials of construction of these slip rings are coin silver rings and sintered brush contacts made from silver, molybdenum disulfide (MoS,), and graphite .