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    Hot Stamping Foils - (26 companies)
    How To Select Hot Stamping Foils. Image Credit: Dingword | Shenzhen Lifibu Investment & Development Co., Ltd. Hot stamping foils or films are used to emboss a metallic or colored finish onto a surface, usually through a thermal bonding or hot... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Metal Foils and Foil Stock-Image
    Metal Foils and Foil Stock - (167 companies)
    How to Select Metal Foils and Foil Stock. Metal foils and foil stock are very thin, metal-mill products with a thickness that is usually less than 0.006 in. Copper foil and aluminum foil are the most common types of metal foils and foil stock. How... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Presses (metalworking) - (531 companies)
    ...presses, shop presses, sheet metal equipment, stamping presses, and wire forming machines. Image Credit: Savage Engineering, Inc. Industrial presses (metalworking) use a ram to shear, punch, form, or assemble metals or other materials by cutting... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys - (609 companies)
    Copper, brass, and bronze alloys are non-ferrous metals with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as good corrosion resistance, ductility and strength. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Stamping Services - (2333 companies)
    Stamping services use punches and dies to create three-dimensional parts and add surface definition such as lettering to flat-sheet materials. How to Select Stamping Services. Deep Drawn Parts | Progressive Die Stampings | Spring Steel Metal... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Foil Tapes - (164 companies) be applied, which are occasionally laced with conductive granules like silver or graphite. How to Select Foil Tape. Images credits: Direct Products UK; Coolway Group; 3M. Foil tapes utilize a metal-foil backing which contributes to the tape's malleable... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Anodes - (132 companies)
    Anodes are consumables used in a variety of electrochemical processes such as corrosion protection (sacrificial anodes) and electroplating (plating anodes). Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Hot Cells - (9 companies)
    How to Select Hot Cells. Hot cells are shielded radiation containment chambers that allow operators to safely handle and manipulate radioactive isotopes. They are used in both the nuclear energy industry and in nuclear medicine. Construction. Hot... Learn More
  • Titanium and Titanium Alloys - (319 companies)
    ...with excellent corrosion resistance, fatigue properties, and high strength-to-weight ratios. Types of Titanium and Titanium Alloys. Pure Titanium. Titanium is a silver colored metal that has a low density and is strong, lustrous, and corrosion-resistant... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Hot Runner Controllers - (40 companies)
    Hot runner controllers are specialized temperature controllers that keep specialized injection-mold components at the design temperature in order to keep the mold material flowing. They use several different control techniques. Limit control... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Modern Plastics Handbook > Finishing, Assembly, and Decorating
    Hot stamping may be used to place gold, silver , or other metal foils (leaf), as well as paint pigments, onto plastic parts.
  • Printed-Circuit Techniques
    Hot Stamping The hot-stamping process used in the marking of leather and plastic materials lends itself to the mech- anization of electronic circuit manufacture. In this method a hot die, engraved with the pattern of the con- ductors, including inductors, is pressed onto the plastic with a thin sheet of gold, silver , or other conducting foil between the hot die and the plastic.
  • Materials Handbook: An Encyclopedia for Managers, Technical Professionals, Purchasing and Production Managers, Technicians, and Supervisors, Fifteenth Edition ...
    Usually, gold leaf contains 2% silver and copper for hardening. Metal film, or metal foil , for overlays for plastics and for special surfacing on metals or composites... Hot stamping foils are decorative foils on a disposable carrier film applied to parts by means of a heated die.
  • Plastics and its properties
    ...becomes the Ab flames (casting-mold parts, blown hollow body) and the electronic spraying discharge ( films ) prefers. The hot embossing of gold and silver printing requires no pretreatment.
  • Plastics
    ...becomes the Ab flames (casting-mold parts, blown hollow body) and the electronic spraying discharge ( films ) prefers. The hot embossing of gold and silver printing requires no pretreatment.
  • Sell Engine oil Label Letterpress Printing
    Finishing: Glossy/Matt Varnishing,Glossy/matt Lamination, Hot /Cool Foil Stamping ,Embossing,Glitter,creasing,barcode and numbering ...Matte Paper,Direct Thermal Paper,Thermal Transfer Paper,Laminated Foil Paper,etc.White/Clear/Bright Silver PE,White PP...
  • Direct production of conductive/resistive traces on a flexible substrate using a computer/printer system
    Hot stamping foils [4],[5] are a related product but they are not designed to work with laser printers. ...tests indicate that tin foil with a paper cover sheet worked better than aluminum, silver and nickel.
  • Paper and Paperboard Packaging Technology
    The colour may be either a pigment or a plain ( silver ), or coloured, aluminium foil (Fig. 10.34). Figure 10.34 Hot -foil stamping and embossing.
  • Rapidly solidified low-silver brazing filler alloy foils
    ...sufficiently ductile to cope with complex joint geometries and ,can be cut or stamped to an exact... Silver brazing alloys (BAg AWS classifica- tion) are also widely used for low-temperature brazing of ferrous... Nonetheless, RSP [4] allows the production of foils free of oxide scales (generally formed during hot rolling) and the organic contam- inants (inherited from the lubricant of the rolling mill).
  • Conformal superstrate loaded automotive radar antenna for integration in polymer car body panels
    Due to the polymer environment an epoxy silver two-component adhesive for room temperature curing has been... The top figure shows the hot embossed antenna structure with the via hole connection in the center... ...side with recess for the antenna connection and the front side with paint foil laminated surface of... The hot embossing stamp as crucial device for the geo- metrical accuracy of the microstrip patch antenna...

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