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Parts by Number for Silver Sheet Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SPRSA11 Global Industrial Sparco Products Not Provided Sparco ™ Self-Adhesive Folder Fasteners, 2-3/4" Length Base, 1" Sheet Capacity, Silver, 100/Box
70724 Global Industrial Acco Brands Corporation Not Provided Acco ® Premium Prong Fasteners, 3-1/2" Sheet Capacity, 8-1/2" Length Base, Silver, 50/Box
73126 Global Industrial Esselte Pendaflex Corp. Not Provided Esselte ® Rapid 20ex Personal Dual Electric Stapler, 20 Sheet/105 Staple Capacity, Silver
70424 Global Industrial Acco Brands Corporation Not Provided Acco ® Premium Prong Fasteners, 3-1/2" Sheet Capacity, 4-1/4" Length Base, Silver, 50/Box
SPRR20 Global Industrial Sparco Products Not Provided Sparco ™ Complete Prong Fastener Set, 2-3/4" Length Base, 2" Sheet Capacity, Silver, 50/Box
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  • Flat Sheet Membrane Specifications
    . (YMHFK61818. YMHFK618195. YMHFK61842. YMHFK618475). Koch Membrane. Polyethersulfone. 0.1 micron. 2-10. not measured. TM10. (YMTM103001. YMTM101905. YMTM104205. YMTM10475). TriSep. Polyvinylidene fluoride. 0.2 micron. 2-11. 50/10. Back to Top. Polypiperazine amide. Membrane Disc Filters. Silver Membranes
  • Sheet Metal Design Handbook (.pdf)
    . •. Silver & other prec. Metals Highly Reflective. Localized Hardening – Due to the intense heat associated with laser cutting, the edges of the. material can become hardened. This area is referred to as the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). This is. especially important for secondary operations
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    There are many conflicting opinions concerning inventory management. Minimizing lead times while reducing costs is a daily juggling act that all procurement and inventory management professionals face. While there is no silver bullet or quick fix to this complex issue, there are ways to better
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    approved a foam version of the product in April 2005. The company reports that foam will allow physicians to treat deeper injuries that sheets can 't reach. Although silver solutions have been used for wound care in modern medicine since the 1930s, nanotechnology has paved the way for improved
  • Building a Better Battery
    Dueber and his team have come up with a power cell that runs on silver and zinc and uses stable, nontoxic water as an electrolyte. The company claims it has solved manufacturing difficulties associated with previous silver-zinc efforts and boasts that its cell offers a 50 percent increase in run
  • Medical Device Link .
    that are impossible to duplicate by other production methods. Common metals that can be photoetched include silver, copper alloys, beryllium copper, stainless steels, aluminum, nickel alloys, spring steels, and other steel alloys. Some firms that specialize in photoetching have focused on process
  • Alpha Ionization Innovative Solutions for Static Control
    , and highly effective. Based upon safe alpha technology, our ionizers are powered by their own internal energy source, Polonium-210. This naturally occurring isotope is locked inside a solid foil of gold and silver using NRD's patented encapsulation process, assuring you of a safe, sealed source of alpha
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    to compare this PH alloy surface to the other grades of stainless steel. 300 and 400 series stainless steel exhibit a bright, shiny, silver color surface. These alloys contain only constituent elements whose oxides are easily reduced using mechanical or chemical means. American Ring and Tool - Specializing

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