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  • Temperature Monitoring Using a Simple GUI for Newport Current Controllers and Power Meters
    This application note describes a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed to allow the users to monitor thermoelectric current ITE and thermoelectric cooler (TEC1) temperature T over time t, or optical power P over T, with Newport controller and power meter products. The ITE/T vs. t
  • Can Design Example: Simple Sensor Node
    Transceiver. MCP201. Controller Area Network (CAN). SIMPLE FAN CONTROL SOLUTION. CAN DESIGN EXAMPLE: SIMPLE SENSOR NODE. The CAN bus (Controller Area Network) protocol was designed. MCP2515 Stand-alone CAN Controller Features: to be a high-speed, reliable communication protocol for. Implements CAN
  • Why PMAC Controllers Are Easy To Use
    for both basic and more advanced applications. Interactive Command Environment PMAC controllers provide a direct interactive communications environment permitting the user to command and query the controller directly with simple commands. This makes setup, debugging, and diagnostics very easy. In fact
  • Integrated Sensor and Controller
    rates can be. overcome by sound system architectural design and clever. programming, but the expertise and resource investment can be. significant. The servo sensor solution relies on a simple standard. high speed serial interface with a familiar communications. protocol. The approach of providing
  • Using the Ethernet to Communicate Between Multiple Controllers (.pdf)
    the. maximum of 8 axes, a 64 axis stand-alone system is entirely possible. To keep it simple,. we will limit the examples to just show how to communicate between two multi-axis. controllers. This application note deals with standard ethernet controllers such as the DMC-2100,. 2200, 21x2, 21x3, 1415,1416
  • A Simple CAN Node using the MCP2510 and PIC12C67X
    node, which supports both time based and event driven message transmission. A Simple CAN Node Usiing the MCP2510 and PIC12C67X M. AN215. A Simple CAN Node Using the MCP2510 and PIC12C67X. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION. Author: Rick Stoneking,. Anadigics, Inc. Overview. INTRODUCTION. Figure 1 shows
  • Controller Integrity in Automotive Failsafe System Architectures (.pdf)
    system performance needs. mis-compare, the system is assumed to have a fault. By. checking for time-outs in communications, all the faults. In the following paragraphs the different approaches for. detected by a simple watchdog are guaranteed to be. fail-safe controller architectures are discussed
  • Improve Bioreactor Performance by Using Mass Flow Controllers
    this problem by establishing a precise, stable gas flow rate automatically. MFCs An MFC is a thermal mass flow meter that integrates a continuous control valve. This combination provides a simple, compact, low-cost solution for the control of processes involving low flow rates of clean gases. Instead