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  • Helium Neon Lasers-Image
    Helium Neon Lasers - (36 companies); this can cause reduced lasing ability until the laser fails completely. Applications. Helium neon lasers are low-cost and simple to use when compared with other gas lasers. They have historically been used for many applications within...
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  • Simple Programmable Logic Devices (SPLD)-Image
    Simple Programmable Logic Devices (SPLD) - (44 companies)
    Programmable logic devices (PLD) are digital devices with configurable logic and flip-flops linked together with programmable interconnect. Simple programmable logic devices (SPLD) are the simplest, smallest and least-expensive forms of programmable...
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  • Sign and Plaque Making Services-Image
    Sign and Plaque Making Services - (1996 companies)
    ...and stripper brushes that are used to make curved or straight lines with lacquer, fabric paints, or enamel paint. Sign making software makes sign making a simple and quick process. Various types of sign making software are available. Examples include...
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  • Hose Crimpers-Image
    Hose Crimpers - (48 companies)
    Hose crimpers are powered and un-powered tools for joining deformable metal fittings with sections of rigid and flexible hose and tubing. They range from simple, portable, handheld devices that are designed for piecework to sophisticated, sometimes...
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  • Circuit Tracers-Image
    Circuit Tracers - (34 companies)
    Circuit tracers or signal tracers are used to troubleshoot circuits. They are relatively simple electrical testing instruments that enable electricians and other users to locate, trace and identify common electrical problems such as breakers, shorts...
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    Hammers and Mallets - (180 companies)
    How to Select Hammers. Hammers are simple, usually hand-held tools intended to deliver impact force to an object using a non-rotary force. They can be powered or manually-driven. Types of Hammers. Hammers can be classified as either hand-powered...
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    Laser Mounts - (19 companies)
    They are designed for helium-neon lasers and suitable for most optical tube assemblies. V-block base laser mounts are used to mount laser tubes and optical elements (such as achromats) that are thick enough to stand vertically on-edge. Tapped holes around the base...
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    Optical Prisms - (259 companies)
    ...invert or rotate images, disperse light into component wavelengths, and separate states of polarization. There are several basic types of optical prisms. Anamorphic prism pairs are used to correct the asymmetric, elliptical beams produced by laser...
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    Levels - (216 companies)
    How to Select Levels. Levels are mechanical or electronic tools that measure the inclination of a surface relative to the earth's surface. Levels vary from simple mechanical devices to complex electronic sensors that digitally readout angular level...
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    Motion Controllers - (473 companies)
    Motion controllers range from simple linear controllers to complex, user-programmable modules that act as controllers within complex integrated multi-axis motion systems. Image Credit: Aerotech, Inc. | Autonics USA, Inc. | Baldor Electric Company...
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  • CR4 - Thread: Screen Inverter
    As I learned when using LED Displays of a simple Panel Meters the Backpanel Light was nearly 4 or … … the new LED Displays that these are like a neon -lamps & ignite at … … of Hi-Freq; like inverters in Emergency-Lights or …
  • Holiday Gifting Smorgasbord: An eclectic “techie” assortment for the upcoming season
    Manufactured by Elam, this kit contains a selection of electroluminescent cables in 10 different neon -bright colors, along with power inverters and all of the materials and tools necessary to develop a feel for this product and construct basic projects. The cable is fascinating, yet deceptively simple .
  • [Abstract] Energy Saved Neon Sign Lighting Power Supply for Photovoltaic Systems
    The proposed power supply was a single switch inverter having very simple circuit implementation. The neon sign lighting is ignited by operation of high frequency power transformer that converts battery VDC …
  • The differential analyzer as an active mathematical instrument
    … gether with some other clever internal fea- tures (such as the radium-painted neon sta- bilizing bulbs … … are strikingly similar to those of the MDA: (I) adder, (2) integrator, (3) inverter . and (4) scaler. However, now cach is performed by a simple active circuit involving an op amp applied to the …
  • The measurement of the strain-dependent damping of metals vibrating torsionally
    The phase inverter allows the output of the tuned amplifier to be fed to the push-pull … The stabilized power supply for the power amplifier is of the simple form which uses neon tubes, since the voltages required are multiples of 150V.
  • Institute News and Radio Notes
    The first paper of the evening on "Single Tube Inverter " was pre- The neon tube oscillator was pointed out as the most familiar of the simple two-element oscillators which might conceivably be used in the conversion of direct current into alternating current.
  • Tic tac toe game using an optically routed gate array
    Abstract: An optically routed gate array(OPGA) is used to implement a simple game of TIC TAC … Keywords: electrooptic, logic, optical routing, gate array, neon , photoconductor, LED. Theory: The circuit in figure 2 is an electro optic inverter .
  • Index to Subjects
    … 965 Time-Varying, Power-Frequiency Relations in: Jun 1051 Reading Times, Minimum, for Simple Current- Measuring Instruments … … Operated Switch: Dec 1955 Steady-State Behavior, Transient and, Anal- ysis: Mar 638 Steady-State Behavior, Transients and, in Nonlinear Systems: Mar 631 Storage Elements, EL-PC and Neon -PC, Opti- cal Erasure … … 1640 Superconductors, Controlled, Phase Inverters Using: Oct 1574 Superheterodyne …
  • Capacitive coupled electrodeless discharge backlight driven by square pulses
    … a light source for LCD backlighting with the merits of a long life and simple manufacturing process. … discharged by capacitive coupled electrode connectors through which the driving power is supplied by a single inverter . … tube is coated with RGB triphosphor, and the discharge tube is filled with neon (97%) and argon …
  • The characteristics of the external‐electrode mercury fluorescent lamp for backlighting liquid‐crystal‐television displays
    However, in the case of lighting a multiplicity of EEFLs, several EEFLs can be driven by a common in- verter , and the LC-TV’s backlight with EEFLs becomes economical and simple . The filling gases in the glass tube are neon , argon, and mercury.

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