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  • Discrete RF Semiconductors: Alive and Well
    on the order of several milliamperes at 3 to 5 Volts. Schottky diode detectors could not be much simpler to implement: the simplest version. consists of a single Schottky diode, a capacitor, a resistor and possibly RF choke,. configured as a simple half-wave rectifier. No external DC power supply
  • Understanding In-Line RF Power Measurements
    detector and an externally applied wattmeter. Next, a discussion of rf system harmonic energy sources exposes potential added errors to the power measurement methods. Power measurements in rf delivery systems. 1. A typical rf delivery system with some common points for rf power measurement. Figure 1 shows
  • Power Detection and Control
    these relationships, simple circuitry and. simple process technologies can offer a potentially lower cost and smaller size solution. These indirect detection techniques suffer in performance due to limited visibility to. antenna loading conditions. Direct power detection monitors aspects of the RF
  • Power Detection and Control For Mobile Handset Applications Part 3. Power Control Feedback
    but will. suffer from similar VSWR inaccuracy that was observed in the indirect architectures. Often a directional coupler is required to sample the RF waveform and provide visibility. to the forward power delivered to the load. This coupler can be integrated on the detector. die, implemented with discrete
  • Theory and Proposed Method for Determining Large Signal Return Loss or "Hot S22" for Power Amplifiers Using Phase Information
    ) signal return loss by measuring the insertion phase. variation of the PA at specific VSWRs using an inexpensive and simple test arrangement. 1. 1. PA Reflection Coefficient: Any RF test configuration can be expressed by a source impedance (ZL), and. characteristic impedance ( z0 ) as shown in Figure 1
  • Passive RFID Basics
    that includes basic modulation circuitry and non-volatile memory. The tag is energized by a time-varying electromagnetic radio frequency (RF) wave that is transmitted by the reader. This RF signal is called a carrier signal. When the RF field passes through an antenna coil, there is an AC voltage
  • Application Note for Using Anaren 0404 BD2425NnRF Balun in Conjunction with Nordic Semiconductors nRF24L01 and nRF24L01+ Transceivers (.pdf)
    This application note demonstrates the advantages of using a small and simple balun solution optimized for use with Nordic Semiconductors' nRF24L01 and nRF24L01+ chip. The nRF24L01 is a true single-chip 2.4 GHz Proprietary Ultra Low Power compliant RF transceiver chip, designed for low-power
  • Medical Device Link .
    radio-frequency (RF) or microwave systems (Table I). Unfortunately, there is a dearth of such studies for metal detectors. Taken as a whole, some common threads emerge from the published work that are consistent with CDRH's experience with medical device EMI. For instance, many medical devices