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  • Reactors Provide a Low-cost Solution to Inverter / Drive Power Quality

    by the reactor reduces the load side harmonic content, reduces thermal current affecting the motor and filters pulsed distortion. The reactor attempts to recreate a perfect sine wave, thus improving motor efficiency. This extends motor bearing life, increases horsepower output by 25-30%, and can reduce

  • Designing Operational Amplifier Oscillator Circuits For Sensor Applications

    distortion specification. 8. R9. of the amplifiers is critical for oscil ators that are used. R8. as sine wave references. However, the shape of the. VHYS ≅ ---------- × V. R +. DD. waveform is not critical in most sensor applications

  • Offline UPS Reference Design Using the dsPIC DSC (.pdf)

    voltage. 380 VDC. The high DC voltage is then converted with. is present, the system is in Standby mode until a failure. the full-bridge inverter and filtered with an LC filter to. occurs on the AC line. During Standby mode, the bat-. create a pure sine wave 220/110 VAC output where. tery is charged

  • Power Measurement Application Note

    used to characterize ac voltage and current waveforms is crest factor - the ratio of peak to RMS value. The crest. factor of a sine wave is . CF of a full-wave rectified sine is also √ , but a half-wave rectified sine is 2. The CF of a square wave is 1;. triangle wave √3. Low duty cycle pulse trains

  • Controlling 3-Phase AC Induction Motors Using the PIC18F4431

    to. rotate. See AN887, “AC Induction Motor Fundamentals”. (DS00887), for more details on induction motor. construction and operating characteristics. FIGURE 3: SYNTHESIS OF 3-PHASE SINE WAVE. PWM1 Output. PWM2 Output. PWM3 Output. DC+. Voltage. DC-. Time.  2004 Microchip Technology Inc. DS00900A-page 3

  • Understanding Ring Generators

    of the output. used in the telecom industry to generate the ringing signal. voltage of a high quality ring generator is a sine wave with. for telephones. It is a DC/AC inverter that accepts a usual. low harmonic distortion. Other less expensive ring genera-. DC input voltage of 48V and produces an output AC

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  • Re: converter

    12 pulses - 6 pulses = 6 pulses??? One way to think about the "pulse number" of a rectifier circuit is to look at the pulses of the power frequency voltage that show up in the output voltage of the rectifier. Therefore, the pulse number of the rectifier is related to the circuit arrangement of...

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Analytic Systems
IPS Series of True Sine Wave Inverters

occur, plus voltage dropouts from excessive loads on the inverter add to the problem. Also, most inverters produce 'Quasi-Sine Wave' AC, which often doesn't run computers very well. Complaints of noisy displays, cursors that move by themselves and more abound.  . The IPS Series of 'True Sine Wave' Inverters are designed specifically for running computers and other electronics in mobile and other off-grid locations.  . One standard AC receptacle provides for easy connection. Versions...

Analytic Systems
IVS5000R Series DC/AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The IVS5000R Series is a compact 5000VA 19" Rackmount DC/AC pure sinewave inverter that uses established design techniques to ensure high reliability. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the IVS5000R features full electronic protection, high efficiency and low output noise. The built-in fan provides sufficient airflow for operation without de-rating up to 50 °C ambient temperature. Input is filtered to EN 55022 Class A.

Schaffner EMC Inc.
Sine wave filter FN5040HV for 600 and 690 VAC

The FN5040HV sine wave filters from the market leader Schaffner are now available for 690VAC and 600VAC applications. In combination with variable speed drives extra losses in AC motors are reduced and help to prolongate the motor life time. They are precisely matching the technical requirements of modern drive systems and are particularly impressive when used with long motor cables. The new sine wave output filter Series FN5040HV in open compact frame design smooth the rectangular PWM output...