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A tiny crystal full of holes is about to smash the electronic speed limit, and in the coming photonics era, superfast optical networking is only the beginning. Deep in a Peruvian rain forest, a morpho butterfly rests in a beam of sunlight, its 3-inch wings fully spread and glowing an impossible...

...chemical mechanisms: 1. Control of the rate of precipitation and of crystal growth. 2. Control of particle agglomeration and nature of scale deposit by affecting particle-to-particle attractive forces. 3. Crystal modification. Scale deposits that have formed beyond control by any or a combination...

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Given time, the simple mixture of sand, silt, and clay will evolve into a soil profile which consists of two or more layers called horizons that

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Differences in chemical composition and crystal structure distinguish various species, and these properties in turn are influenced by the mineral's

Anisotropy in shale from Mont Terri HANS-RUDOLF WENK and MARCO...
Single-crystal elastic properties Mazurek et al. (Basin Research 2006). "Anisotropy and mechani- of clay minerals are poorly known.

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Sand, quartz, rock crystal, amethyst, agate, flint, jasper, and opal are some of the forms in which the oxide appears.

Mechanisms of Electron Transfer to and Fe(II) Dissolution From...
is a transmission technique and bulk composition of single grains or even profiles across single grains can be investigated within the spatial

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The first was a change in single beam methods from the C.S. Clay?s deconvolution method to T. Lindem?s HADAS system.

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ULTRA-HIGH RESOLUTION SMALL-ANGLE NEUTRON SCATTERING (USANS) A perfect crystal diffractometer (PCD), shown in Fig.1, for ultra- of the deleterious

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 90, 251905 2007 Reversible strain...

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