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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
Z80X-SIO2 National Microchip ZIL Not Provided Not Provided
Z80A-SIO2 National Microchip SGS Not Provided Not Provided
80-SIO2 National Microchip ZILOG Not Provided Not Provided
Z80-SIO2 National Microchip ZILO Not Provided Not Provided
Z80A-SIO2 ASAP Semiconductor SGS THOMSON Not Provided Not Provided
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  • Porcelain
    on the K20-Al203-SiO2 or Mg0-Al203-SiO2 ternary systems.  The term "porcelain"comes from the Italian word "porcell" which means "little pig", a name given to a smooth, white cowrie shell.
  • Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)
    Silicon nitride (Si3N4) is a compound of silicon and nitrogen. Silicon nitride has superior mechanical properties and forms a protective SiO2 skin at high temperatures. Silicon nitride is difficult to sinter by conventional means because the material dissociates above 1800oC.
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC)
    , refractory cements and abrasives.  Alumina's main drawback is its relatively poor thermal shock resistance compared to materials with lower coefficients of thermal expansion.  Silicon carbide forms a protective SiO2 skin that to prevents further oxidation at very high temperatures in non-reducing
  • Electrical Insulators and Dielectric Materials
    in order to have sufficient resistance to thermal shock. The porosity must be very low. The surface vitrification must be perfect to avoid water absorption and improve mechanical resistance. The most commonly used materials are porcelains, mainly ternary compounds (Al2O3-SiO2-MgO). Such insulators
  • Managing State Data in Automotive Safety Systems
    devices have polysilicon gate isolated from the channel by a thin SiO2 layer (see fig 1).
  • Cement Raw Meal Analysis by the Pressed Powder Method on Benchtop WDXRF Supermini200
    spectrometer for rapid. quantitative elemental analysis of cement raw meal. 1. XRF 5040. Sample preparation. The pressed powder method is the most common. SiO2. Al2O3. sample preparation technique in XRF because it does. not require an expensive flux, fusion machine, or. highly-trained operators
  • Colloidal Stability in Aqueous Suspensions (.pdf)
    is shown in Figure 3. layer thickness. It is a function of free salt ion. Colloidal silica, SiO2, catalog no. 421553, ob-. concentration (as embodied in the value of the. tained from the Sigma-Aldrich Company is a. ionic strength): the higher the concentration,. 30% v/v aqueous suspension
  • Characteristics of sand and criteria for its comminution
    composition can vary extremely. Many occurrences consist of quartz respectively silicon dioxide (SiO2). Due to its physical and chemical characteristics sand is mainly used in the construction and glass industry. The analytical evaluation of the chemical composition and therefor the aptness

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