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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
A6T3101 Allied Electronics, Inc. OMRON ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Not Provided Switch DIP 3 way flush slide thru-hole
A6S7101H Allied Electronics, Inc. OMRON ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Not Provided Switch DIP 7 way flat slide SMT
A6S6101H Allied Electronics, Inc. OMRON ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Not Provided Switch DIP 6 way flat slide SMT
1718328-1 Allied Electronics, Inc. AMP TYCO ELECTRONICS Not Provided MCP 1.5K/2.8 39,62 way locking slide
90683LA Radwell Legrand Not Provided PKG_QTY 1 600W SLIDE DIMMER PRESET 3-WAY LA
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  • Hardened Way Slides
    Hardened way slides are also called box ways, industrial hardened ways, hardened slides or rectangular way slides. Hardened ways have many similarities to the dovetail slide. The hardened way is a more durable product, however, and is meant for applications with heavy loads and high cyclic action
  • A better way to keep paint out
    Automation Div. Rochester Hills, Mich., wanted to keep the inside of its robots paint-free despite the numerous holes where wires enter or exit the robot and spray booth. Standard cord grips with gasket seals originally plugged the holes but caused problems. Installers had to remove connectors to slide
  • Motion control on a budget
    can choose from a wide array of linear slides from a host of manufacturers. Fortunately, linear-slide design only involves four basic factors: force, load capacity, stroke, and operating speed. Armed with this data and slide manufacturers' specs, engineers can quickly determine air-cylinder size
  • biological specimens so that their individual molecules can be studied. One way biologists study molecules is to place a sample on a substrate, similar to a microscope slide, and place it under
  • Smart Computing Article - Photos & Video
    a slide, scan directly from the slide. There's no need to turn it into a photograph first. A slide has more information, and the more information, the better. With ScanJet, you can also scan 3-D objects directly. *To keep track of my photos, I set up a folder on my Desktop called MyScans. It's a great
  • "Air " on the side of smoothness
    to maintain it. A motor-driven ball screw pushing a slide, for example, winds up before moving. Eventually the slide overcomes static friction then tends to overshoot the target. This stick-slip action is most pronounced in plain-way systems, though rolling-element bearings suffer from it as well
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    competitors, IBM Corp. Promising efforts follow HP's technology slide The commoditization of the computer industry has blunted Hewlett-Packard Co.'s technology edge. But the organization is still nurturing a number of promising point projects. Thomson buys Grass Valley Group
  • Medical Device Link .
    from each other. These characteristics include complex patterns, rare events, and subtle variations in color and intensity. They are what a pathologist looks for when scanning a slide with a manual microscope. There are limits, however, to the power of the human eye. Fatigue can be a problem
  • Hold it right there
    the screw. This lets the screw dig into the shaft, letting the collar resist torque and axial loads and not simply slide along the shaft. Unfortunately, the screw digging into the shaft raises a burr between the shaft and collar, making it difficult to remove or adjust the collar. Loosening the screw
  • Getting On Track with guide wheels
    would contain four eccentric and two concentric wheels. The concentric wheels carry the primary load when the wheel carriage is loaded in the radial direction. The eccentric guide wheels act as cams to preload wheels against one side of the guide track so they roll instead of slide or skip under