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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
S-GATE-60 Global Industrial Vestil Mfg Co Not Provided Guard Rail Sliding Gate 60"L
R3810K Global Industrial Folding Guard Not Provided Replacement Sliding Gate Lock W/Hardware For Wov-N-Wire
R3810 Global Industrial Folding Guard Not Provided Replacement Sliding Gate Lock W/Hardware For Qwik-Fence
603343 Global Industrial Global Industrial Not Provided Wire Mesh Sliding Gate - 10x6
603339 Global Industrial Global Industrial Not Provided Wire Mesh Sliding Gate - 8x6
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  • Sliding Gate Flash Demonstration
  • Equipment Buying Guide: Mezzanine Basics
    are designed to ensure the safety and usability of the structure. Required accessories or special features include access staircases and ladders (they may have open or closed risers and treads); landings; two-rail, three-rail or welded mesh safety railings; swing gates, sliding gates or lift gates
  • Case History: Jackdaw Polymers Chooses the GP403-101 for New Technical Center
    that allows very fast product changeover without dismantling. any part of the feeder. The bottom section of the feed chamber is designed as a slide. gate. This allows complete emptying of the feed chamber and scale hopper, simply. by sliding the gate to the open position. Therefore, within seconds
  • How to Buy a Blender
    often specified for a ribbon blender is a pneumatically-actuated sliding gate valve. But for special applications - vacuum operation, for example - alternative valves are sometimes required. A spherical disk valve provides a positive seal during vacuum blending, while it also offers a large
  • Sizing Heaters and Steam Requirements for Domestic Hot Water Systems: Hotels
    flow. Due to the linear characteristic of the sliding gate valves, the use of a larger. valve will reduce the differential temperature needed to achieve required steam flow when the. water flow is suddenly changed. Pilot-operated regulators offer the advantage of higher flow rates and larger sizes
  • Medical Device Link . Innovative Injection Molding Techniques for the Medical Industry Four molding techniques open up a variety of new approaches to the design of medical components.
    design is a critical element for successful overmolding. In some designs, the first component is molded in the first material; then sliding action in the tool creates an additional cavity space that can be filled by the second material to complete the in-mold assembly of the part. The mold cavity also
  • Design of Plastic Gear and General Considerations of Plastic Gearing
    a smaller number of. teeth with a correspondingly greater likelihood of undercut at very low number of teeth. Larger teeth are generally associated with more sliding than smaller teeth. On the other hand, smaller pitches, which are associated with smaller teeth, tend to provide greater load sharing due
  • Medical Device Link .
    ° because of the sliding base. Multiple lifter cores can be integrated into a single system, thus eliminating the need for separate lifters when processing parts with multiple undercuts in the same line of draw. Actuating multiple lifter cores with a single system results in significant savings in cost
  • Medical Device Link .
    sliding along actin filaments in the muscle-contraction process. INTELLIGENT MATERIALS The polyrotaxane polymers described above can be considered intelligent biomaterials insofar as they can function in a manner similar to molecular structures in the body. Other intelligent materials currently
  • Soldered Flexi-Circuits Tensile Test
    Studies. Testing Roots and Shots. Granule Hardness Test. Animal Identification Tags. Automotive. Case Studies. Soldered Flexi-Circuits Tensile Test. Electrical Harness Terminal Testing. Dashboard Button Testing. Airbag Connector Pull Test. Car Door Closing Energy Tester. Car Window Sliding Force Tester

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