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Parts by Number for Slot Cutter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
13717 Digi-Key Aven Tools Tools TOOL SET SLOT/PHIL/CUTTER 6PC
1212071 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Tool set - 1212071 Tool case, equipped with: crimping pliers, pressing dies for MC3, MC4 and SOLARLOK connectors, stripping tool for commercially available solar cables, stripping tool for SUNCLIX, VDE cable cutter, VDE screwdriver: PH1, PH2, 0.6x3.5 and 0.8x4.0 slots.

Conduct Research Top

  • Medical Device Link .
    Slot dies apply optically clear coatings while maintaining accurate coat weights A fixed-lip slot-die coating system enables converters to produce very thin and optically clear coatings and maintain coat weights within close tolerances. The Liberty dies can be incorporated into a coating system
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Manufacturing Equipment
    potentially dead areas in their design, according to the company, where the curing agent may accumulate and harden. This can lead to clogged passageways or inaccurate flow. The dispensing systems are suited for a variety of microbonding applications in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. A slot
  • Tool Presetter Benefits Ejector Seat Manufacturer
    taper spindle. T-Slot Clean covers protect against swarf ingress. NCMT25 March 2009. NCMT is offering BIG Daishowa's T-Slot Clean covers, which prevent T-slots in machine tables from harbouring swarf. More like this. Print. Email Story. Share. Save. Add to my alerts. You need to be logged in to add
  • Safe-Cut Provides Safe, Efficient Waterjet Cutting Services to Refinery Industry
    to Refinery Industry. Photo Gallery. Click images to enlarge. In a project for Dow Chemical Company, Safe-Cut developed a special waterjet cutting tool that was dropped down a 40' riser into a tank full of 32' of flammable naphtha. They cut a 24" high by 1 ½" wide slot in the bottom of the riser so Dow
  • Accessorize Your Machine to Maximize Performance and Efficiency (.pdf)
    . Measuring & Inspection Devices. * Base Master. * Tool Master. * Point Master. * Accu Center. * Indicator Stands. * Dyna Test. * Dyna Force. * ATC Alignment Tool. * Level Master. In-Process Machine Devices. * CCD Camera. * BIG-Plus (R) Cleaner. * Chip Fan. * T-Slot Clean. Special and Custom Tools
  • Making Connections - Terminating the Wiring
    remove a strand or two along. provided the correct slot is chosen, the wire is well centered in the. with the insulation, leaving a shortage of conductors at the termination. slot, and the cycle is smoothly performed. Counterbored die-type. blades help greatly in centering the wire. What happens
  • Sheet Metal Design Handbook (.pdf)
    . Nibbling Large Radii. Countersinks. Stamping…………………………………………………………………….10. Blanking-Corners. Notches and Tabs. Cutoffs. Piercing Holes. Edge-to-Hole clearance. Forming-Bend Relief. Edge Bulging. Hole-to-form. Slot-to-form. Drawing shapes. Drawing Radii. - 1 -. Forming Basics. Press brake
  • Centura Oil Stimulates Methane Wells with Waterjet
    . Click images to enlarge. The CenJet 90® waterjet cutting head is deployed to a predetermined depth where it perforates the payzone and increases a well's area of influence, increasing productivity and extending the well's life. Courtesy Centura Oil Inc. Typical slot cut in casing and cement
  • System Planning
    damaging a machine bed because you tried to tie a 10,000 pound clamp into a T-slot that would only withstand 5,000 pounds of force. Using power workholding does not in any way invalidate the principles of sound fixture design. The 3-2-1 concept as it relates to the location of the workpiece in three

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