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  • Optimizing Existing Designs through Cost-Effective Simulation - How CFD Simulation Provides Pump Manufacturers with a Virtual Test Facility
    which require. slurry pump is that it reduces the solids size of material pass-. solids handling. These pumps are used in various phases of. ing through the pump. The unique chopping requirements. and suction arrangement of these pumps make it diffi cult. to apply standard impeller design practices
  • Chopping Away at Solids
    of a Vaughan chopper pump over a typical. plate to break down solids. non-clog or slurry pump is that it reduces the solids size of. that pass through the pump. material passing through the pump. The unique chopping. into smaller pieces. Vaughan. requirements and suction arrangement of these pumps. Company
  • Maximizing Sludge Transfer
    into the back of the pump’s cas-. prove seal life. These pumps also feature heavy-duty. ing, creating a liquid vortex in the open casing which. bearings that offer a greater load capacity and extend. directs solids, slurry, sludge, grit and stringy or fibrous. bearing life, while Blackmer’s System One
  • Maximizing the return on investment of sludge transfer pumps
    solids, slurry, sludge, grit, and. Because pumping equipment can rep-. rials with entrained air, and stringy or fi-. stringy or fibrous material through the. resent a large part of the facility’s invest-. brous materials. Designed around the. pump. ment in equipment, it is also important to. seal
  • Processing Corn for Tortillas & Chips
    . A pump which does not feature a chopper type impeller is desirable for this application to facilitate maximum solids removal. The separator should be installed. on an elevated platform, as to accommodate a receptacle for the solids under the solids discharge spout. A standard SWECO MX round vibratory
  • Water conservation
    tightening. Shaft vibration should also be minimized to prevent momentary seal face opening. Shaft vibration is caused by a variety of reasons such as impeller imbalance, poor coupling alignment, pump cavitation, etc. Since this movement cannot be completely eliminated, it is critical to ensure

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