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  • RF Measurement Techniques
    The RF and microwave characteristics commonly used to define the performance of components are typically measured using a vector network analyzer. Since the packages of devices manufactured by Barry Industries, Inc. typically do not have coaxial connectors, the issue of the most appropriate
  • Optimize Your RF/MW Coaxial Connections
    of the more popular coaxial RF/microwave connectors is the subminiature Type A or SMA connector. It began life as the Bendix real miniature (BRM) connector, designed by James Cheal of Bendix Research Laboratories in 1958 and eventually becoming the SMA connector as a result of work by Omni-Spectra (now M
  • Making a Case For a New Connector
    The emergence of quick lock connectors, particularly quick lock versions of the SMA and N connectors (QMA and QN, respectively), was an inevitable development in the RF connector industry and is of significant importance in that nearly 50% of all practical applications for RF connectors
  • RF Testing both in the Frequency and Time Domain (.pdf)
    related. ./eb84dc74-2e53-4ed0-ac2c-2abe5583b9cf MEDER electronic. 7 GHz RF Reed Relay. RF Testing both in the Frequency and Time Domain. Most important in the testing of any component for fre-. Figures 10, 11, 12 and 13 below show calibration. quency response over 100 MHz is a good Network Ana
  • Medical Device Link .
    contacts. RF Connectors, San Diego, CA, USA. Surgical cable assemblies Preengineered coax cable assemblies include cable-jacket and flex-relief materials suitable for autoclave or low-temperature sterilization processes. The assemblies were developed to relieve product development and lead-time
  • Selecting Coaxial Lightning Protectors (.pdf)
    Page 2 of 5. with gold finish for female contact in all N and TNC/BNC and SMA protectors. Other techniques are used to extend. the life of 7-16 and UHF female contacts. Each connector type has inherent. maximum voltage, current, and RF. power limitations. Be sure to. select. a. connector
  • A Stronger Bite for Quick Lock Technology
    Within the RF industry, replacing connectors that have a threaded interface with those that have a quick-lock coupling mechanism is a growing trend. The clearest evidence lies in the increasing number of competing quick-lock SMA (QMA) and Type N (QN) connector designs that have appeared
  • Cascading Application Information
    and the larger TO-8B pin packages in SMA RF. connectorized packages. To obtain any single TO-8 product with SMA RF connectors add. a ā€œCā€ suffix to the generic model number. For example, model AC2066 in a SMA. connectorized case becomes model number AC2066C. For models that use the larger. TO-8B header add a ā€œB
  • Application Note for Using Anaren 0404 BD2425NnRF Balun in Conjunction with Nordic Semiconductors nRF24L01 and nRF24L01+ Transceivers (.pdf)
    This application note demonstrates the advantages of using a small and simple balun solution optimized for use with Nordic Semiconductors' nRF24L01 and nRF24L01+ chip. The nRF24L01 is a true single-chip 2.4 GHz Proprietary Ultra Low Power compliant RF transceiver chip, designed for low-power
  • Intro to Satellite Radio
    the connector for optimum Return Loss performance and test it to confirm that it meets the specifications. How does Amphenol RF test receptacles? Methods for testing adapters and cable mounted connectors have been around for many decades, and the techniques are accepted throughout the industry

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