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  • A compact, high�?power, low�?loss, L �?band coaxial 18�?way power divider/combiner
    This diameter was chosen for practical reasons, especially to allow an SMA torque spanner to fit between the output port connectors.
  • IMS and Telegärtner alliance produces new connector standard (08/02/2007 12:07:02)
    Both QMA and QLS connectors have the main advantage over the SMA standard in that, as they are push-pull types, they do not require torque spanner for fitting and therefore can be more densely packed.
  • Microwave Measurements
    For combinations of GPC3.5/ SMA connectors the torque should be set to the lower value, for example, 5 in-lb. Torque spanners used should be regularly calibrated, and set to the correct torque settings for the connector...
  • Push-pull SMA-type connectors from Aerco (23/10/2007 12:04:22)
    ...uses a patented, push-pull locking system that offers clear advantages over standard SMA connectors as the... Because a torque spanner is not required, panel mounted connectors can be packed much more closely creating considerable space savings.
  • A Practical Design of Lumped, Semi-lumped & Microwave Cavity Filters
    Torque spanners recommended by the manufacturers of coaxial connectors should be used for tightening the coupling nuts of coaxial connectors to ensure good RF contact and to prevent damage to the adapters. SMA plug–BNC socket SMA socket–SMA plug .
  • A Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering
    A slip-friction clutch is designed to slip when a certain torque is exceeded. SMA See shape-memory alloy. small calorie See calorie. small end See connecting rod. small-scale CHP..., for purposes either of location or gripping. socket wrench A form of spanner with an internally...
  • Performance aspects of mains connected small-scale wind turbines
    Energy Convers., 2002, 17, pp. 523–529 5 Welfonder, E., Neifer, R., and Spanner , M.: ‘Development and experimental... PhD Thesis, University of Durham, 1997 17 SMA : ‘Windy boy grid tied inverter–operators manual addendum for the... The mechanical torque produced by the turbine is related to the turbine dimensions and the wind speed...
  • Advances in Sustainable and Competitive Manufacturing Systems
    A signal output is obtained through a female SMA connector which has a 2.15 mm dielectric ...parameters, which present the technical properties and constraints of resources, such as speed, torque , payload, and so... In: Müller E, Spanner -Ulmer B (ed) Nachhaltigkeit in Fabrikplanung und Fabrikbetrieb—TBI’11.
  • Handbook of Visual Display Technology
    For example, current knowledge gives this sequence as: Isotropic Liquid; N; SmA ; D; SmC; SmCalt; ½SmBðhexÞ; SmIŠ... ...the smectic A to smectic C phase transition was assumed to generate a torque which resulted in... Handschy MA, Spanner BF (2008) The future of pico projectors.
  • Electronics and Signal Processing
    sq sMa , where qmf(s) is the fuel flow to Laplace transform output, τ(s) for input... ...single four-beat and double four-beat are the same, but the rotating torque of single four... Small Work-bench, handgun, screw- driver, spanner , pliers Use a simple hand tool to assemble, no strict...