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7876677. Return to Table of Contents US Supplier of SMA Products Gains European Presence A US-based company that develops, manufactures, and markets products fabricated from shape-memory alloys (SMAs), Memry Corp. (Brookfield, CT) has acquired Advanced Materials and Technologies (AMT; Herk-de-Stad...

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Accu-Glass Products, Inc. :: Fiber Optics :: Feedthroughs...
Accu-Glass Products, Inc. :: Fiber Optics :: Feedthroughs and Accessories for Vacuum

Accu-Glass Products, Inc - SMA to SMA 905 Vacuum Service...
Inc. :: Fiber Optics :: Feedthroughs and Accessories for Vacuum :: Multimode, Graded-Index (UV & IR) Feedthroughs and Accessories :: CF Feedthrough

Spectrometers and Spectroscopy Products| | Anglia Instruments...
Vacuum Feedthroughs The FC-VFT vacuum feedthroughs are designed for use of fibre optics in vacuum chambers, such as in plasma monitoring.
See Anglia Instruments Ltd. Information

MPF Products Inc. Ceramic to Metal Viewports, Feedthroughs,...
Vacuum Breaks Vacuum Envelopes Liquid Breaks SMA Single Ended Double Ended High Frequency
See MPF Products, Inc. Information

Vacuum Feedthroughs 031411
1 Vacuum and Pressure Feedthroughs Description A feedthrough provides inlet and outlet tubes through the walls of a pressurized or vacuum system
See Fiberguide Industries, Inc. Information

Schoonover, Inc. - Vacuum Equipment -Electrical Feedthroughs
SHV Coaxial Electrical Vacuum Feedthroughs Vacuum Vacuum Pump-Rough Vacuum Pump-High Vac

High Vacuum Microwave Feedthrough, Microwave Feedththough,...
Measure Tech's N female to SMA female high vacuum microwave feedthroughs are excellent anywhere a microwave signal must be brought through a process
See Measuretech Inc. Information

APAC 2007 - List of Keywords (pick-up)
coupling, linac, klystron, vacuum 232 M. Vretenar, Y. Cuvet, F. Gerigk, J. Marques Balula, M. Pasini CERN, Geneva

PAC07 - List of Keywords (cryogenics)
vacuum, wiggler, superconductivity, shielding controls, vacuum, instrumentation, monitoring

Fibre Optics for Vacuum
Electrical Feedthroughs Coaxial Feedthroughs High Vacuum and UHV Components HOME STANDARD COMPONENTS

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