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  • Fan Design
    cease to. function efficiently and it prevents back flow of air through the. center. If the hub is too large for the required performance, the result will. be an increase in velocity pressure, due to the smaller net opening,. and subsequent waste of power. If the hub is too small for the. Aerodynamic
  • Fan Efficiency, An Increasingly Important Selection Criteria
    Corporation – NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group Company, is the world's largest manufacturer of miniature precision ball bearings and a volume leader in the design and manufacturing of precision electro-mechanical components, including cooling fans and blowers, precision small motors
  • What Is The Correct Type Of Fan: Axial, Radial, Diagonal? (.pdf)
    into the fans). Press News. The theory and practice of small fans (1). What is the correct type of fan: Axial, radial, diagonal?. Fans are as varied in their construction as they are in their applications. These "air-donors " are primarily. differentiated according the physical principle of the transfer
  • The Heart of Your System: The Fan
    of the air flow, usually front-to-back, through the PC. Other vents in the front of the airflow path ensure sufficient air volume to cool memory and other specialized circuitry within the system. If needed, small axial fans or blowers may be strategically placed in the system to provide spot cooling
  • An Integrated Fan Speed Control Solution Can Lower System Costs, Reduce Acoustic Noise, Power Consumption and Enhance System Reliability
    the L10 life values (the time at. source of acoustic noise is due to the BDC fan’s torque. which one expects 90% of the fan population to. characteristics. In this case, stator excitation causes a. survive) of a sleeve-bearing fan running at several. small amount of ripple in motor torque
  • Ball vs Sleeve: A Comparison in Bearing Performance
    components, including cooling fans, precision small motors and mechanical bearing assemblies, among others. NMB products can be found in the personal computing, networking, telecommunications, home entertainment, home electronics, automotive, medical and industrial markets. For more information: NMB
  • Air movers and coolers
    but subjects other components to unwanted heat. If possible, hot devices should be located near the exhaust so that their heat dissipates directly to the outside. Also, because axial fans have relatively low static pressure, their exhaust grill is often sized too small. To be safe, the size of the opening
  • The Proper Kind Of DC Brushless Motor Controller
    to the controller. one direction only. An example of this would be a small fan. the torque output of the motor. In a DC. so that the correct control loops. or blower, such as the brushless fans used on some PC. motor, torque is proportional to cur-. can be established will ensure. power supplies. A small pump
  • Medical Device Link . Thermal Management Techniques for Medical and Laboratory Equipment
    through a drain. In a closed-loop system, a pump recirculates the liquid through a heat exchanger or radiator. Liquid cold plates are characterized by a small size (at point of attachment), and they offer effective heat dissipation. The devices are limited by the fact that they cannot cool below ambient

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