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Under Test. If the gauge transmitters total error band is 1%FSO a 1.5 PSI (41.52”. WC) error may be present. (150 PSI x 1% TTL Error band = 1.5 PSI). This may be too large of an error if small leak rates need to be de-. tected. Compressed. Air Source. Diagram 2. Signal Out. Hi Side. Lo Side. HI LO...

...harmlessly. can produce makeup. In contrast, a number of serious hazards exist when. nitrogen with purity. makeup gas is supplied to the GC via a tank. As an example,. of better than 99.9999 if the contents of a full tank of helium or nitrogen were sud-. percent with respect. denly vented...

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  • Method for measuring the exhalation of radon from building materials
    compressed helium tank feeds the helium to several small secondary regu­ .
  • AIAA Journal > Detonation propulsion experiments and theory ignited by the hot combustion products of the explosive charge; 3) the utilization of a small "pancake" fan to mix the helium with the hydrogen and... ...either to the adiabatic compression of the gases when the tank is being filled or...
  • Rocket and Spacecraft Propulsion
    For both of these reasons it is convenient to pressurise the propellant tanks to 5±10 bar, although this is far too small to deliver the propellant to the combustion chamber of a high-thrust engine. Sometimes this pressure is provided by a separate compressed gas supply�?generally helium or nitrogen�?stored on board, or one of the propellants is converted to gaseous form by the heat of the combustion chamber and used to pressurise the tanks.