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  • Tolerancing helical springs
    it's not practical or cost effective to change it on the shop floor after setup. That leaves body diameter and coil count. But body diameter, especially for compression springs, generally have tight OD or ID specs. Coil-spring rate goes as the cube of diameter, which makes it highly sensitive to small
  • Capacitance Sensor System: How a Small Electric Field Can Save You Big Money
    quality inspection. No matter what you manufacture there's an Accumeasure TM that can save you money, providing better process control and reduced scrap. Application Notes: Non-contact Measurement Sensors, Solutions and Systems - MTI Instruments.   . Capacitance Sensor System: How a Small Electric
  • Envirometrics Avoids Toxic Pesticides to Save Trees
    hardwood trees," says Paul Martin of Envirometrics. "At the first hard frost the female worm starts crawling up the tree to lay her eggs in the canopy. In spring they hatch into small caterpillars which eat new leaves just as they're coming out. ". Adhesive Testing & Product Development Article
  • Medical Device Link .
    to 0.05 mm with a location pin. The company 's automatic sprue and parts-picking robot, the TOP IV, is also available. A 0.7-second take-out cycle, small footprint, noncontact proximity sensor, and low-friction linear roller guide are among the machine 's features. Hyrobotics Corp., St. Charles, MO
  • LVDT Use in Weighing Systems
    lvdt03 LVDT use in Weighing Systems. LVDT’s are frequently used to measure spring deforma- provided, particularly when measuring small weights. tion in weighing systems and force measuring transduc- This type of weighing system can be used as a counter. ers (load cells). The displacement
  • Precise Inputs for a Cleaner Environment
    reflected from crop leaves. Mounted on a high-clearance sprayer, the sensors look like small headlights. One stares skyward so it can measure daylight intensity. Another points toward the plants and measures light reflected from the crop to detect how much nitrogen the plants have in their leaves. Farmers
  • Medical Device Link . The votes are in! Without even knowing it, the regular readers of EMDM have spent the past year selecting the 40 most useful and innovative products and services from hundreds of candidates. Each time they fill out a product inf
    than 60 metals and nearly 200 alloys are available in small quantities for use in research and development. The range includes high-purity and commercial metals and common alloys as well as controlled-expansion alloys, thermocouple alloys, and magnetic shielding alloys. The materials are available
  • Effective Monitoring of Cooling Towers
    PCS Potash, New Brunswick Division PCS Potash New Brunswick Division is a potash and salt mine near Sussex, N.B., a small farming community in the southern part of the province. Potash and salt are mined approximately 2000 feet below the surface. The salt requires little processing and is used

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