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...and frequencies by identifying dynamic deformations and critical resonances. Small lightweight accelerometers were used to capture deflections and the results were visualized to understand the noise generation mechanisms.To start the problem-solving phase, simple, non production-like modifications...

...things certainly aren't standing still this year. GM Racing introduced an all-new small block Chevy V8, Infiniti honed its powerful 35A engine, and Toyota's designing a new purpose-built powerplant to compete in 2003. Chassis builders continue tinkering with current models to get more aerodynamic...

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    Propellants are produced as flakes, for small arms ammunition; propellant charges for 120 mm mortars and 155 mm artillery; sheets, used for rocket mortar charges; ribbons, used for rocket motors in antitank weapons; small tubes used for 105�?155 mm artillery ammunition, multi�?perforated... Dyno supplies explosives for antitank weapons, such as the M72, Carl Gustav, AT4, MILAN, Panzerfaust 3, Swiss...
  • A high performance dynamometer for drive systems testing
    This scheme causes a negative dynamic torque component (TD)to appear during an acceleration, whenever the load inertia is smaller than that of the dyno , yielding a negative AJ. In such cases, the dyno "helps" the motor under test to speed up.
  • Automatic Transmission Hydraulic System Cleanliness - The Effects of Operating Conditions, Measurement Techniques and High-Efficiency Filters
    ...2000 and a Filter Efficiency of 99.96%, have proven to keep the small -particle contamination of... Ongoing fleet test, DOEs, and dyno tests within Ford Motor company have demonstrated bypass filtration to be an effective method to achieve improved ATF cleanliness without concern for loss of cooling system capacity.
  • Energy Management Options for an Electric Vehicle with Hydraulic Regeneration System
    Electric motor modeling included a nonlinear mutual inductance factor and showed the typically low efficiencies associated with small , DC motors . ...of the original EV over manufactured duty cycles on the EPA NVFEL chassis dyno , and the results...
  • CR4 - Thread: Dynamo Regenerative Braking?
    Typically, regen occurs at up to half of the peak output of the drive motor , so if an e-bike has a 500 watt (peak) drive... ...about 250 watts -- almost 100 times the output of the hub dyno you linked to. I think they make regen controllers small enough for an ebike.
  • CR4 - Thread: The HHO Test Plan
    ...have been declareing all along that it will decrease the power from the motor , not increase it... Our data was by the state of texas , and also from an independant dyno shop , but i guess its easier for you to think we bribbed them for the results then to actually think maybe by some small possibility YOUR WRONG !
  • CR4 - Thread: Testing Motor Repairs
    It is also a good idea to perform vibrational analysis when dyno load testing to check vibration... Of course all this work is not usually carried out on smaller motors due the point of diminishing returns, but on larger motors any and all testing must be thoroughly performed. the latest on the technology front for motor testing is MCA...
  • Comparison testing of an adjustable-speed permanent-magnet eddy-current coupling
    ...steel backed with copperfaces, are structurally tied together and rotate with the shaft of the drive motor . arrays of axially polarized NeFeB permanent magnets; this structure is attached to the load ( dyno ) slnft. When the clearance between the magnet discs and the conductor discs is small , their relative angular speed...
  • We Were The Ramchargers
    ...Professional Drag Racer Association Driver of the Year (followed in voting by “ Dyno �? Don Nicholson... It was confusing, because Tom Coddington had demonstrated in the lab we could drown the motor with the smaller 150 pump.
  • CR4 - Thread: Great HHO News!
    The loss in efficiency is just too small for a typical chassis dyno to measure. rely on "over-unity" processes to work, such as his perpetual motion motor generator set), so...
  • CR4 - Thread: Model Engine Dyno
    Re: Model Engine Dyno I bet you could measure the electrical output on a small motor driven by the RC engine .
  • Non-real-time hardware-in-loop electromagnetic transient simulation of microcontroller-based power electronic control systems
    The belt-and- dyno configuration did not produce matching simulations and real runs. The elastic belt provided extra dynamics not accounted for in the EMT model of an electric motor . ...results were made with the quadrature encoder configuration, with a direct link and smaller speed sensor mass.
  • CR4 - Thread: piston ovality
    The primary reason pistons are oval is that because there is a small amount of flip flop... When a motor is severely overheated the pistons will lose their oval shape and the subsequent loss in power is easily detected on the dyno .
  • The Automobile: a Century of Progress
    TEL usage began in the late 1920s—at first with small dosages. The need for standardization of methods led to auto/oil joint ventures first in 1932 and again in 1934 on " dyno " hill near Uniontown, Pennsylvania, where road, motor , and research octane metrics were correlated.
  • CR4 - Thread: Worm Gear Efficiency
    With a disc brake or permanent magnet motor (or hydraulic motor) as a load and a beam style torque wrench (or spring scale, etc) it is easy to set up a dyno to measure where the losses are. Drive small .