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  • Think Small
    small amounts of material processed for many of these products, could allow the continuous equipment to be small enough to be manufactured from inexpensive disposable materials (injection-molded plastics) that could be supplied pre-cleaned, further lowering capital and operating costs. When designing
  • Going Small, Thinking Big
    system small enough to fit on a bench top. (A related term, lab-on-a-chip, refers to microreactor systems aimed more at analysis rather than manufacturing.) Manufacturers like Syrris, MicroChemical Systems, Inc. (Hull, U.K.), and Cellular Process Chemistry (CPC), Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) are leading
  • Graceful Scale Up of Mixing Systems
    to capture many economies of scale. With every square foot of floor space occupied by numerous small mixers, these associated costs go up when they really don't need to if only a larger mixer version is used instead.
  • Medical Device Link . How to Handle Increased Production Volumes
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry , senior consultant of Excel Partnership, Inc. (Sandy Hook, CT), discusses some of the considerations for a small manufacturer ramping up for increased production. What are the most common problems that come up unexpectedly with start-up companies
  • Medical Device Link . Increasing antibody production with hollow-fiber bioreactors
    to the development of culture media, it is well known that the growth of mammalian cells is principally regulated not by nutrient levels but by highly specialized small molecular proteins known as growth factors, which interact with cell-surface receptors with great specificity and high affinity
  • Case History: Jackdaw Polymers Chooses the GP403-101 for New Technical Center
    on a system that replicates the production environment. The Acrison equipment consists of a main polymer feeder (GP 403-101), and two additive feeders (406 BDF 00; 405 BDF 11), all metering product into a small scale production twin screw extruder. The polymer feeder used in the centre at Jackdaw
  • Rheology Benefits for Blending and Extrusion
    and compounds. The C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc. laboratory extruder systems cover the complete range of processing conditions for quality control, product development, research applications, pilot plant and small scale production. The extruders provide close test reproducibility acting as measuring
  • Mayonnaise Manufacture
    carried out using plant specifically designed for mayonnaise manufacture. This process is often semi-automated. For R&D, pilot scale and small scale production typical of the "ready to use" market - sandwich producers, caterers and other low-volume applications - mayonnaise needs to be produced

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