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  • Smarter than Smart Labels ?
    users to convert from the printing of barcode labels to the encoding of smart labels. Paragon Data Systems, Inc., provides such a solution for clients who have opted for this approach. This solution works well when 100% of all cases or pallets will be tagged with RFID transponders, or when companies
  • From Bar Codes To Smart Labels
    Smart labels are shipping labels with embedded RFID tags. They offer promise in helping organizations deploy RFID for compliance with retail industry and DoD mandates. Smart labels allow you to retain bar code/shipping label information in the same or similar format to what you are currently using
  • RFID for the Masses
    Despite the benefits that radio frequency identification (RFID) offers, most pharmaceutical manufacturers are still reluctant to invest in a costly, unproven technology. As more data are gathered on RFID's long-term costs and benefits, new smart-tag technologies offer manufacturers an "RFID Lite
  • Smarter than Smart Labels ?
    a great deal of flexibility in the placement of identification tags, because data can be read at a greater distance. Additionally RFID even recognizes data through most packaging and product materials. For example, RFID tags placed on individual cases in a pallet can be automatically read, without
  • "We're out of that " Five-Cent Tags -- Then What?
    You may never hear that phrase again thanks to smart ID tags cheap enough to be built into even the most inexpensive consumer goods. There are a whole new set of challenges if 5-cent RFID tags become a reality. Today, at a cost of 50 cents each or more, worldwide demand is about 400 million tags
  • Computer Power User Article - A Touch Of Pizzazz
    The scripts play nicely with iTunes, letting you move the iPod between your Linux box at home and the corporate OS at the office. It also supports smart playlists and the iPod's On-The-Go rating feature. The program is definitely for advanced users. Configuration can be easy (after you install XML
  • New Calibration Management Suite Facilitates 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
    Although smart instrument calibrators are capable of automatically storing calibration data, then transferring that data via a communications port or wireless infrared data link to a host management systems, many plants still log and record calibration data in a manual fashion. To help streamline
  • RFID Integration: Trying to Connect
    to accommodate RFID. Smart firms will want to streamline business processes as well to get the most out of the new technology, adapting the way they package, ship, track, and manage their products throughout the supply chain. Inserting a new technology into the already complex mix of technologies that make up

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