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  • "We're out of that " Five-Cent Tags -- Then What?
    the 5-cent tag first, then leave scaling, commercialization, and final pricing to vendors. Believe it or not, long checkout lines may one day be relegated to the dustbin of history. The reason: Super-cheap smart tags that will let packages ring themselves up as you leave the store. Though
  • RFID for the Masses
    Despite the benefits that radio frequency identification (RFID) offers, most pharmaceutical manufacturers are still reluctant to invest in a costly, unproven technology. As more data are gathered on RFID's long-term costs and benefits, new smart-tag technologies offer manufacturers an "RFID Lite
  • Smarter than Smart Labels ?
    . For items that do require RFID tagging, an individual RFID tag is five to ten cents less expensive than a smart label that is embedded with a comparable RFID transponder. RFID tags are also more readily available and can be sourced from a larger number of suppliers. An RFID applicator can
  • From Bar Codes To Smart Labels
    , while adding RFID. Smart labels provide a convenient and economical way to package RFID tags and stream them into the distribution process. They provide a richer data set than either a tag or barcode by themselves. They provide resiliency, by combining bar code and human-readable text together
  • Emerging Trends in Data Logging-A Look at RFID Technology
    Every day, CAS DataLoggers offers customers our temperature monitoring and alarming solutions for use in a wide range of industries. With this in mind, let's take a look at Radio Frequency Identification (also known as RFID, smart labels, or smart tags) and its increasing use in temperature
  • Smarter than Smart Labels ?
    a great deal of flexibility in the placement of identification tags, because data can be read at a greater distance. Additionally RFID even recognizes data through most packaging and product materials. For example, RFID tags placed on individual cases in a pallet can be automatically read, without
  • Smart Computing Article - Workstation Graphics Cards
    March 1999 Vol.7 Issue 3 Add To My Personal Library Two Powerhouses Enable CAD, Animation Work There is a distinct difference between the two professional-level graphics cards we review here and the entry-level cards we've reviewed. The price tags and specifications show that these are two
  • Smart Computing Article - Music Your Way
    ID tags like this one are essential for keeping track of your digital music collection, so be sure to always fill them out or use software that fills it out for you. Obviously, the 256Kbps file sounds better than the 64Kbps file, but higher bit rates translate to increased file sizes. Pretend we

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