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  • SMD Resistor Thermal Analysis
    . Title: Document No.: Revision: SMD Resistor Thermal Analysis. BAN-THR-2.1. A. SMD Resistor Thermal Analysis. The ability of a surface mount resistor to dissipate a given amount of power is ultimately. limited by the temperature of the active resistor film. Assuming that the effects of. convection
  • Investigation of Trim Notch and its Effect on Surface Mount Resistors in RF Circuits
    . The effect of this trim technique on the RF performance of a typical SMD resistor is investigated here. �� Title: Document No.: Revision: Investigation of Trim Notch and its Effect on. BAN-SMR -1.1. Surface Mount Resistors in RF Circuits. A. Investigation of Trim Notch and its Effect
  • ANN-8804 - SMD Power Handling Considerations
    CONSIDERATIONS FOR SMD TERMINATIONS, ATTENUATORS AND. RESISTORS. This document describes the power rating of high power surface mount resistive products. Furthermore,. techniques for maximizing power handling performance of these parts are detailed. SMD POWER RATING AND DERATING: Anaren Microwave provides
  • Power Rating & Heat Sink Dimensioning When Using Resistors (.pdf)
    In our data sheets the nominal power dissipation is mentioned for all resistors. The data are mentioned for a free standing assembly i.e. SMD assembled on a PCB. The ambient temperature is always 70°C. This means that the inherent temperature of the resistance element will reach without
  • Thermal Foldback for CAT4101, LED Lighting
    Resistor RC1206 1/4 W. Size 1206. 670 Ohm. 1. R2. EPCOS. 10 k NTC Resistor. Size 0805. B57421V2103H062. 1. R3. Yageo. SMD Resistor RC1206 1/4 W. Size 1206. 10 k. 1. R4. Yageo. SMD Resistor RC0805 1/4 W. Size 0805. 2k2. 1. R5. Yageo. SMD Resistor RC1206 1/4 W. Size 1206. 68 k. 1. R6. Yageo. SMD
  • Teccor Thyristor Surface Mount Soldering Recommendations (.pdf)
    The most important consideration in reliability is achieving a good solder bond between surface mount device (SMD) and substrate since the solder provides the thermal path from the chip. A good bond is less subject to thermal fatiguing and will result in improved device reliability. The most
  • Interfacing a Micro Crystal MS1V-T1K 32.768 kHz Tuning Fork Crystal to a PIC16F690/SS
    (including board stray capacitances) which is a perfect match for a crystal specified. for CL = 12.5 pF. The oscillator circuit provides an oscillation allowance of 417 kΩ; this allows the safe use of smallest SMD. quartz crystals (ESR ≤ 80 kΩ). Date: October 2005. Revision N°: 1.0. Page 1/3. In accordance
  • Medical Device Link .
    production, largely because of their tendency to self-align when placed on the solder footprint. These tests indicated that they are better at self-aligning than 01005 components. Choosing between SMD and SP Fiducials When placing components on solder-mask-defined pads, solder-mask-defined fiducials