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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SMU2282 Global Industrial J.M. Smucker Co. Not Provided Smucker'S ® Peanut Butter, Single Serving Packs, 3/4 Oz, 200/Carton
SMU763 Global Industrial J.M. Smucker Co. Not Provided Smucker'S ® Honey, Single Serving Packs, 1/2 Oz, 200/Carton
SMU774 Global Industrial J.M. Smucker Co. Not Provided Smucker'S ® Assortment, Single Serving Packs, 1/2 Oz., 200/Carton
SMU315LV Allied Electronics, Inc. BANNER ENGINEERING Not Provided Sensor; Electro-Mechanical Relay; Non-Polarized Retroreflective Sensing Mode
SMU315D Allied Electronics, Inc. BANNER ENGINEERING Not Provided Sensor; SPDT Electromechanical Relay; Diffuse Mode Sensing Mode; Photoelectric
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  • New Test Sequencing Instruments Lower Cost of Test for Device Manufacturers
    ”3{Æ. /{a(?[#|î• "¥”MÀi%. PC=i. Ïî³¥”Y•HW. 1 ©´„K´iTYV. / >r‘YsÊ‘Yî³¥ñ½³›HW. ©kC. ¥þØîÈ0. 71¥WïHW. ¯¥. DUTV?©kCÖÌÀ/Bñ†q--1pQ¥÷ã•|„É. ›M‹¥Y‹•|¥©bê©kHW¥»B„VYV|†ÿÿ?¥÷©N. M¹ "îT¥. SMU¤b. ƒ|h(?üþHW[#sëN„. PCeÅ-. W¥”Y•HWbÂT. SMUµ=†ñ½i%ƒ|ÉB„h”Y•HW. „ PC³›©kñ½¥HWy¹¾. SMUVV1 &¥i%Ï›©k½b. A G r e a t e r M e
  • Source-Measure Units Increase Productivity and Accuracy
    of 4-quadrant operation, acting as a positive or. negative DC source or as a sink (load). They also provide highly repeatable. measurements, typically with 61/2-digit resolution. Figure 1 illustrates a typical. SMU measurement circuit. Figure 1. Simplified block diagram of an SMU configured to source V
  • RTD Instrumentation Requirements
    to 20 inputs channels, which can accommodate. a different variable on each channel or multiple RTDs with different nominal. resistance values. Also, Kelvin measurements are usually easy to make since. many DMMs have both source and sense terminals that allow 4-wire test. configurations. An SMU
  • Fundamentals of HALT/HASS Testing
    before measurements are made; otherwise inaccuracies occur. A source-. measurement unit, or SMU, (also called a force-measure unit or a SourceMeter®) provides. tightly coupled, precision voltage and current sourcing and measurement in a single. A G r e a t e r M e a s u r e o f C o n f i d e n c e
  • Reducing Parametric Test Costs with Faster, Smarter Parallel Test Techniques
    . 100fA. 2. Saturation current, Idsat. µA to mA. 2. I. nA to 10µA, sweep 50. sub. steps. 3. Drain-source breakdown, BVdss. V. 1. Resistor. Resistance. µA. 1. Diode. Leakage. pA. 1. Forward junction voltage, Vf. force single current. 1. Table 1. Example SMU requirements. A schematic example
  • Effects of Electron Radiation Generated during E-beam Evaporation on a beam Evaporation on a
    at the. electrode. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. With the 10KV high voltage turned on and the emitter in. idle, the electrode was 0V with respect to ground. As soon. as there was beam emission current while the power ramped. up and the beam started to appear on the Au melt, the SMU. measured -1.5V. The voltage
  • High Volume Test Methodology for HBT Device Ruggedness Characterization
    . SMU1 and SMU2 are synchronized. The ICCAP driven test. Vc (V). setup which includes an HP 4142B bias unit allows. Figure 2. Breakdown parameters are extracted from the. sweeping the current on the base SMU while synchronizing. Jc-Vce curves. the collector SMU to deliver a voltage
  • Soluble Narrow Band Gap and Blue Propylenedioxythiophene-Cyanovinylene Polymers
    ) were sequentially deposited by. thermal evaporation on the photoactive layer. The devices were then encapsulated with. epoxy. The active area of the devices was 0.25 cm2. The current−voltage (I−V). characteristics were measured with a Keithley SMU 2400 source measurement unit under. S6

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