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  • Experts make a solid business case for IPv6
    require you to upgrade all IP nodes and applications you have in an organization. Long term, I am convinced we will see people moving to IPv6-only but it is still too soon. I don't see that as being different from integrating IPv4, then moving away just like we did with SNA/DECnet/Appletalk/IPX
  • Java's Percolating
    . Swift 2.0 provides host access over multiple protocols for desktops running any of the Windows family environments. Swift 2.0 is based on the SNA access built into NetManage's Chameleon IntraNet Desktop suite and offers access to IBM mainframes, Application System/400 systems and VMS/Unix hosts
  • Frequently Asked Customer Questions: TN5250 / TN3270 Migration
    . adapters?. Q. Which IBM hosts. A. TN3270 is supported by IBM mainframes (e.g. S/390) with SNA server. support TN3270?. support. A Printronix TN3270 print server can be configured on z/OS V1R2. and Infoprint Server. Modtabs are provided for both an SCS and DSC. printer. Additional information
    The molecular sieve dehydration unit is an important process in any plant that uses natural gas as. a feed stock. These units are critical in drying natural gas and the processes that follow such as. the extraction of Natural Gas Liquids and the production of Liquefied Natural Gas. Switching. valves