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  • The Adjustable Snap Gage is a Versatile Tool for Taking OD Measurements on the Shop Floor (.pdf)
    Moving gaging to the point of manufacture is the process engineer's dream. It is what drives productivity on the shop floor, puts quality in the hands of the machinist and quickly weeds out process problems before they become catastrophic. Measuring calipers have been around for nearly 150 years. In
  • Gages and Meters
    on electrical meters or gages. If switches are necessary to initiate system action, they can be readily obtained; pressure and temperature switches are typically gaging elements with a snap-action or solid-state switch included. Fluid level in the reservoir can be monitored inexpensively. The simplest
  • Optimizing Ball Diameter Measurement
    ) and parallel surfaces (i.e., gage blocks and snap gages). Several alternative methods exist to, in varying degrees, meet this challenge, and their discussion comprises the major portion of the body of this paper. While the methods presented represent viable alternatives, each one does represent
  • Culver's
    range of banana. This was accomplished with a full-perimeter snap that transitions on two ends. Using a flute structure, PI was able to reduce gage while maintaining a cosmetically clear panel system. As an added branding enhancement, the Culver's logo is engraved into the top of the container. PI
  • Low-power backlighting
    or slots. The EL lamp and appliqu e stay in place with a bezel and lens which snap or screw on top. Typical mounting options include affixing the lamp and appliqu e at the center hole of each gage via ultrasonic welding or orbital forming. The lamp and appliqu e edges are held flat against
  • 2006 VW Rabbit
    to read. The hatchback's also surprisingly roomy. There's ample shoulder and head room fore and aft, along with over 35 in. of legroom for three rear passengers. Rear occupants also enjoy adjustable headrests cleverly designed not to impede the driver's view out the back. Stowing gear is also a snap
  • 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid
    where the spare tire usually sits. (The spare is under the vehicle behind the rear bumper.) High-voltage electrical contacts in the battery compartment snap shut when the key is turned, supplying power to the electricdrive. The drive battery also has an impact cutoff switch that opens in the event