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    Pliers - (225 companies)
    ...the two sides. Flat-Nose. Flat-nose, or duckbill, pliers have long, narrow, flat jaws. Locking. Locking pliers can be locked into position with use of a bolt positioned on one handle, which is used to control the spacing of the jaws. Miniature / Precision... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electronic Noses - (10 companies)
    Electronic noses detect chemical makeup of odors and flavors, each of which has an identifiable 'fingerprint.' Electronic noses detect and identify odors and flavors. These devices can sense the underlying chemical makeup of an odor, each of which... Learn More
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    Hand Tools - (1996 companies)
    Components. Equipment. Hand tools range from pliers to calipers. Pliers have two jaws and are designed to grip objects by using leverage. Calipers measure the distance between two symmetrically-opposing sides. Screwdrivers are devices that fit into the head... Learn More
  • Eyelet and Grommet Equipment-Image
    Eyelet and Grommet Equipment - (20 companies)
    ...choices for form factor: hand held, bench top, and free standing. Hand held eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment includes pliers-style tools and punch-like setters that are hit with a hammer. Benchtop units may require mounting and are typically... Learn More
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    Guide Shoes - (12 companies)
    Guide shoes are bull-nose devices attached to the bottom of the casing string. They protect the casing string from impact, enable passage through narrow or deviated boreholes, and direct away from ledges reducing the chance of sidewall cave-in... Learn More
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    Hand Clamps - (444 companies)
    Hand clamps are temporary fixturing components used to hold and position work for assembly, forming, welding, inspection and machining applications. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Lathes and Turning Centers - (728 companies)
    Lathes and turning centers cut a rotating part with a stationary cutting tool. The tool moves parallel and perpendicular to the workpiece axis to provide the desired finished shape. Learn More
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    Staplers - (43 companies)
    Staplers are handheld tools used to drive staples. Staplers can be divided into two main categories; those used in desk or office applications for joining sheets of paper, and those used in construction applications to drive staples into wood or masonry. Learn More
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    Radomes - (26 companies) interference with radio waves sent and received by antennas. An assortment of shapes exists to match the specific applications. They appear as aircraft nose cones or as covering on the fuselage to protect the antennas and provide a streamlined... Learn More
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    Live Centers - (63 companies)
    ...nose points, long points, pipe points, and tracer points. Standard points have a constant point angle and have no special attributes such special tips or hardening. Bull nose points have flat faces, which allow the work piece to sit at least halfway... Learn More

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  • Effect of sub-lethal damage to juvenile colonies of massive Porites spp. under contrasting regimes of temperature and water flow
    Following recovery, 40 corals were injured by gouging with 10-mm wide, snub nose pli- ers .
    Following recovery, 40 of the corals in each trial were exposed to a simulated effect of fish predation achieved by scraping the colonies with 10 mm wide, snub - nose pliers .
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  • "The relative value of parts in spectacle frame manufacture"
    Rut there is alvays this. cliffer- ence, that you almost invariably get a falling ax-ay at oiie point, and you get this /,efr-ousrt nose, a snub nose , as it were, and ulthough pou get your facial angle foriiied iii … This is, generally spealr- ing, a mistake, for once a bridge is pliered , you lose a considerable …
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  • The Forensic Laboratory Handbook Procedures and Practice
    Having reference bolt cutters, saws, pliers , screwdrivers, and other tools can provide information as to the presence … Items submitted 38-caliber Smith & Wesson model 36 snub - nose revolver, serial number K37653 Three live rounds (2 R-P, 1 W-W) and two fired cartridge cases from item 1 (1 R-P, 1 W-W) Bullet recovered from the …
  • The Forensic Laboratory Handbook
    Having reference bolt cutters, saws, pliers , screwdrivers, and other tools can provide information as to the presence … 38-Caliber Smith & Wesson model 36 snub - nose revolver, serial num- ber K37653.
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