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  • Liquid Leak Detectors-Image
    Liquid Leak Detectors - (245 companies)
    Liquid leak detectors sense when a liquid is leaking from a pipe, tank, or other receptacle. Leaks are often conceptualized as being small, round defects which allow liquid to seep out of a pipe or tank. In reality, they almost always have...
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  • Leak Testing Equipment-Image
    Leak Testing Equipment - (453 companies)
    ...from sealed components or systems. Some configurations require a separate leak detector or sensor as an input. Such types of leak testing equipment are often equipped with various other components such as pumps, calibrators, gauges and cases...
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    Hand Soap Dispensers - (29 companies)
    Hand soap dispensers conveniently distribute surfactant compounds near sinks so users can clean their hands. Hand soap dispensers are a mechanism that distributes soap for users to clean their hands. They dispense liquid or foam surfactant compounds...
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  • Flaw Detectors-Image
    Flaw Detectors - (259 companies)
    ...integrity, general corrosion detection, inclusions, machining or grinding damage, metal detector or rebar absence, manufacturing of metals or webs, packaging defects or leaks, pore or void, pressure vessel flaws or cracks, rail inspection, subsurface crack...
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  • Heat Detectors-Image
    Heat Detectors - (113 companies)
    Heat detectors are fire detection devices that sense heat produced by combustion. Heat detectors can trigger an alarm when they detect rapid temperature rise or reach a preset temperature. Heat detectors are fire detection devices that sense heat...
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    GC Detectors - (40 companies)
    Gas chromatography detectors (GC detectors) identify solutes as they exit the chromatographic column. A chromatogram is generated plotting the signal versus time. Gas chromatography detectors (GC detectors) identify solutes as they exit...
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    Flame Detectors - (178 companies)
    Flame detectors monitor and analyze incoming radiation at selected wavelengths. Flame detectors use optical sensors working at specific spectral ranges (usually narrow band) to record the incoming radiation at the selected wavelengths. 30 - 40%...
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    Smoke Detectors - (278 companies)
    Smoke detectors are designed to sense the products of combustion. Common types include ionization chambers and photoelectric devices. Smoke detectors are designed to sense the products of combustion. They are designed for commercial, industrial...
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    HPLC Detectors - (49 companies)
    High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) detectors pass a beam of light through a column effluent as the fluid passes through a low-volume flow cell. Variations in light intensity are recorded and a chromatograph is generated. HPLC detectors use...
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    Radiation Detectors - (207 companies)
    Radiation detectors are used for medical diagnoses, radioactive dating measurements, and measurements of background radiation, activity levels and radiation doses. Radiation detectors are devices used to detect, track, and identify ionized radiation...
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  • ZCP1997HT187
    … bell type furnaces with liquid seal; Thermocouple parts; Fans; Damaged radiant tubes, muffles, hoods, retorts, inner covers; Cracks in the refractory lining or in the base; Curtains, for open end continuous furnaces; (3) Use a leak detector ( soap solutions, smoke bomb, smoke …
  • Securing Utility and Energy Infrastructures
    Ion Mobility Spectrometry Stand-Off Chemical Detector M-272 Chemical Agent Water Test Kit Colormetric Tube/Chip Kit specific for TICs and CBRNE applications Multi-gas Meter with minimum of 02 and LEL Leak Detectors ( soap solution, ammonium hydroxide, etc) pH Paper/pH Meter …
  • Standard Method for Analysis of Natural Gas by Gas Chromatography
    (b) Check carrier gas flow system periodically for leaks with soap or leak detector solution.

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