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  • Laser Reflow Soldering - A Process Solution Part I
    The fiber-optic cable is attached to a compact optics head that can be half the ize of a soda can and weigh undes its compact size, HDL... is mounted next to a solder paste dispenser , utilizing the XYZ linear... Equally so, the HDL laser system beats CO2 and Nd:YAG when it comes to maintenance.
  • Portable beverage dispensing system.
    A portable soft drinks dispenser is described. It comprises: a supply of water; a supply of pressurized CO2 gas; non-motor-driven means for partial carbonation of a portion of the water... ...into the partially carbonated water produced; and means for dispensing only the fully carbonated soda water.
  • Micro Process Engineering Volume 5
    ...191, 362 catalytic partial oxidation 186 catalytic reaction 479 cathodic reduction 488 caustic soda plants 429 cemented... Clusius-Dickel column 107 CO methanation 404 CO2 laser 291, 302 coating 362 COC 302 co-current... 22, 50 dimensionless number 22 ff., 213 dimerization 478 dimethyl sulfoxide 450 dispenser 341 ff. dispersion...
    Glass Tube Production This step fabricates the fluorescent tube made out of soda -lime glass and the... ...exhaustive tem­ perature which is controlled entirely by the amount of electric current, CO2 is removed from... Mercury Dispenser Coating Process The auxiliary anode is coated with a mer­ cury dispenser.
  • For knowledge of the bacterial sulfate reduction. I
    ...for control in a second Exsikkator of the same Kippffillung received not purified CO2 accommodated (attempt 26a... Which a Kohlens / ~ ure was used in further attempts of purest soda and is developed the purest sulfur ~ ure in the... ...decide the question whether not molecular hydrogen plays the role of the hydrogen dispenser still more certainly (per...