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  • The role of sodium silicate
    THE ROLE OF SODIUM SILICATE IN NEWSPRINT DEINKING Dept. of Pulp and Paper Technology, Durban Institute of Technology, PO Box 953, Durban 4000, South Africa School of Pure and Applied Chemistry, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa newsprint, deinking, sodium silicate, fatty acid soaps, calcium
  • The role of sodium
    The role of sodium silicate in the flotation deinking of newsprint at Mondi Merebank Jimmy Pauck and Professor Jeremy Marsh The deinking process employed at Merebank is outlined and illustrated. A brief literature review of the relevant pulping and flotation chemistry is presented, with particular
  • Journal papers
    by 40% Bubreak siloxane technology: the key to profitable pulping Jimmy Pauck and Professor Jeremy Marsh. The role of sodium silicate in the flotation deinking of newsprint at Mondi Merebank Stuart Bradbury, Rex Zietsman and David Rogans. Upgrade of existing foul condensate stripping incorporating
  • Sealing Smut and Prevention
    sealing processes. Common sealing processes include immersion in hot water (boiling DI water), a nickel acetate solution, and a dichromate solution. Low temperature nickel fluoride sealing is a relatively new sealing method. Steam sealing has been used in Japan since 1932[1]. Sodium silicate
  • Chemical Processing Applications: Laundry Detergent Production
    . Tetrahydrate. Sodium tripolyphosphate. Sodium silicates. Sodium percarbonate. Anionics. Encapsulated enzymes. Colored beads. Anti-foaming powder. Polymers that release stains. Polymers that prevent new stains. Sodium silicates. The liquid feeders supply: Anionics. Non-ionics. Perfumes. Smart Weigh Belt
  • Technical Resources: Silicone Hose Chemical Resistance Guide (.pdf)
    , refined. C. Sodium silicate. A. Ammonium sulfate. A. Dichloroethylene X. Magnesium chloride 150°F (65°C). A. Sodium sulfate. A. Amyl acetate. X. Diesel fuel. X. Magnesium hydroxide 150°F (65°C). B. Sodium sulfide. A. Amyl alcohol. X. Diethanolamine 20%. X. Magnesium sulfate 150°F (65°C). A. Sodium
  • Vacuum Impregnation at Anoplate
    $30,000 worth of impregnant. .   . Well, now that we have determined the characteristics of what is needed, what is it that we do use? The early material, sodium silicate (water glass), does not have all of the above features. The next generation was the styrene modified polyester resin which did
  • Scale deposit problems
    Calcium: wood, white liquor, calcium carbonate filler, hard water Silicate: peroxide stabilizer Pulp brightening processes, refiner plates, deink plants Recycling of bleach effluents, drop in pH, low Mg/Ca ratio in pressate, carryover of deinking gents Burkeit Sodium: wood, water, process

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