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Parts by Number for Soft Foam Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
36633000 Global Industrial Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Not Provided Flo-Pac ® Reinforced Soft Foam Rubber Squeegee 30" - Black - 36633000
36623000 Global Industrial Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Not Provided Soft Foam Rubber Squeegee- Black - 36623000
36682400 Global Industrial Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Not Provided Flo-Pac ® Soft Heavy Duty Foam Rubber Squeegee W/Threaded Socket 22" - Black - 36682400
82-121-74019-G8708 Newark / element14 CHOMERICS Not Provided CHOMERICS - 82-121-74019-G8708 - GASKET; FOAM; SOFT-SHIELD 5000; 90DB
82-121-74022-G8710 Newark / element14 CHOMERICS Not Provided CHOMERICS - 82-121-74022-G8710 - GASKET; FOAM; SOFT-SHIELD 5000; 90DB
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  • Less noise and vibration with foam
    is "crosslinked. " Crosslinking makes the foam more durable, flexible, and prolongs its life. Soft and pliable yet dense and strong, closed-cell foams seal and conform to irregular surfaces better than open-cell foams. A proprietary melamine-based foam called willtec serves as thermal insulation
  • Foam Inserts---Cutting your own or having them custom made
    or Polyethylene foam. Polyurethane foam is soft, durable (similar to the foam in your couch cushions) and great for light to medium-weight items. Polyethylene is dense (the material is the same as those "noodle" flotation toys that kids play with in the pool) and ideal for medium to heavy-weight materials
  • Medical Device Link .
    rate of recovery following compression. Additionally, the indentation force deflection of the system can be adjusted to achieve a consistency ranging from very soft to very firm. The Bayfit 582 system produces low-resilience, cold-cure-moulded polyurethane foams with low to medium load-bearing
  • Medical Device Link .
    Box 100, Glen Rock, PA 17327. Pressure-sensitive foam tapes Intended for use with medical devices such as electrodes and grounding pads, pressure-sensitive foam tapes incorporate soft, closed-cell polyethylene foam with a thickness of either 1/16 or 1/32 in. Bioflex tapes are designed to conform
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and process control alarms. Materials. The earliest use of RIM was with polyurethane, but advances with the technique now offer opportunities for use with many other materials. Depending on the intermediates used, RIM can be used to produce soft foams, rigid foams, and solid elastomers. For example, RIM
  • Can you still see me now?
    An ultrasoft seal cushions delicate components and keeps dust from infiltrating displays in handheld electronics. Cell-phone designers rely on a range of urethane foams to seal and cushion delicate components from consumer abuse. Poron Soft Seal urethane foam (bottom) conforms around 0.3 mm corners
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
    Ln., West St. Paul, MN 55118. Medical foam tapes Pressure-sensitive foam tapes are designed for the manufacture of medical devices such as electrodes and grounding pads. The Bioflex Rx216V and Rx232V incorporate soft, closed-cell polyethylene foams that are from 1/16 to 1/32 in. thick. The foam
  • Effects of Ultrasonics on Health
    each time the distance is doubled (i.e., every time the distance is doubled, 1/8 of the energy remains). The ultrasonic airborne energy is also absorbed into soft, non-reflecting materials (e.g., worker's clothing or noise abatement foam materials). The remaining airborne ultrasonic energy

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