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  • Bearing Isolators-Image
    Bearing Isolators - (49 companies)
    Bearing isolators are dynamic seals designed to protect bearings from outside contaminants. They are comprised of a rotor (rotating) and stator (stationary) member. Bearing isolators are dynamic seals designed to protect bearings from outside...
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    Shaft O.D. or Seal I.D.
    Housing Bore Diameter or Seal O.D.
    Axial Cross Section or Thickness
    Bearing Rollers - (18 companies)
    Bearing rollers are the functional components of friction-reducing roller bearings. Common types of bearing rollers are tapered rollers, cylindrical rollers, spherical rollers, needle rollers, cam follower rollers, and rollers for crossed roller...
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    Soil and Asphalt Compactors - (42 companies)
    Soil and asphalt compactors compress soil, asphalt, crushed aggregates, or landfill trash to increase the density of a collective substrate. They are common in construction, agricultural, waste and recycling, and municipal applications. Soil...
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  • Bearing Rings, Housings, and Flanges-Image
    Bearing Rings, Housings, and Flanges - (68 companies)
    How to Select Bearing Rings, Housings and Flanges. Image Credit: GGB and Basco. Bearing rings, housings and flanges are bearing components that are used in the assembly of many different types of bearings. Bearing rings, which are sometimes referred...
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  • Bearing Retainers and Cages-Image
    Bearing Retainers and Cages - (19 companies)
    Bearing retainers or bearing cages are used in rotary and linear bearings to separate and maintain a specified distance between rolling elements, whether they are balls, needle rollers, or rollers. Bearing retainers, also referred to as bearing...
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    Bearing Heaters - (40 companies)
    Bearing heaters facilitate assembly or disassembly of bearings by heating the bearing or work piece. The heat introduced causes thermal expansion, which allows the bearing to be mounted or dismounted without damage. Bearing heaters use heat...
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    Bearing Pullers - (49 companies)
    Bearing pullers are devices for assembling and disassembling bearings. They are often hand-held and manually-powered devices, but this area also includes mountable and powered devices like bearing heaters used before assembly. A bearing puller...
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    Bearing Repair Services - (47 companies)
    Bearing repair services refurbish bearings to original specifications, which can be a cost effective solution for expensive bearings. Bearing repair services refurbish the large, custom bearings that are used in heavy industries such as mining...
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    Grinders and Grinding Machines - (1005 companies)
    Grinders and grinding machines use an abrasive that is bonded to a wheel, belt or disc to remove material and improve surface finish.
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    Linear Bearing Rails - (219 companies)
    Linear guides and rails provide a smooth, precision, guiding surface on which the rolling element of a linear bearing rides. Linear bearing rails provide a smooth, precision, guiding surface on which the rolling element of a linear bearing rides...
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Conduct Research the oil-bearing material, however, millions of tons of soil and rock up to 75-ft thick have to be moved first. One key to making such projects economically viable is quickly removing the massive volumes of overburden. Mining with large excavators that fill haul trucks as fast as possible is the preferred...

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  • Progress in Civil Engineering
    RP, Rsb are the soil bearing capacity of single pile and pile endpoint; D is dry jet mixing pile diameter; AP is cross-sectional area; qu is unconfined compressive strength of cement soil; f is average friction of pile side soil; η …
  • Soil Mechanics and Foundations 3rd Edition Complete Document
    A rigid retaining wall must have a sufficient margin of safety against soil bearing capacity failure.
  • Introduction to Soil Mechanics
    … of volume change 282–286, 288–289 cofferdams 190 cohesion apparent cohesion 203, 209, 224, 425–426 Eurocode 7 537–539, 546 overburden pressure 263–264 shear strength 220, 223–224, 228, 242, 263–264 slopes 499, 501, 505–507, 509, 514 cohesionless soils bearing capacity 426–428, 431–432, 443, 457 …
  • Progress in Industrial and Civil Engineering II
    As the foundation soil generally have lower than the upper hard characteristics, accordingly, made cylindrical segments in the soil bearing capacity is less than 120kPa, made thread segments in the soil bearing capacity is greater than 120kPa.
  • Civil Engineering, Architecture and Sustainable Infrastructure II
    … Coulomb yield criterion, without considering the plastic zone of pile soil in the scope and the intermediate principal stress effect on the behavior of composite foundation bearing capacity and deformation, the influence of pile to soil bearing capacity cannot get sufficient play.
  • Construction and Urban Planning
    Loess dynamics research shows that, under the same consolidation pressure, dynamic elasticity modulus size itself reflects the size of soil endurance and seismic performance, dynamic elasticity modulus bigger shows soil bearing capacity and seismic performance is better.
  • Trends in Civil Engineering
    The soil bearing capacity is not utilized and big diameter piles are required under large concentrated load.
  • Geotechnical Problem Solving
    … stress method for calculating side and tip resistance of piles driven into sands and non-plastic silts For total stress analyses of clayey soils the nominal tip resistance is taken as 9Su and for mixed soils bearing capacity equations or correlated values …
  • Helical Piles: A Practical Guide to Design and Installation Complete Document
    The amount of dunnage required is a function of the soil bearing capacity .

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