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  • Generating a Soil Moisture Characteristic with the WP4
    A moisture release curve, also known as a soil moisture characteristic, relates the water potential of a particular soil to its water content. This information is important for describing water storage in soil and water availability to plants, and for predicting water and contaminant transport
  • Correcting Temperature Sensitivity of ECH20 Soil Moisture Sensors (.pdf)
    In many natural and engineered soils, the output of ECH2O soil moisture sensors is sensitive to variations in the soil temperature. The temperature sensitivity is not caused by the ECH2O sensors themselves which are almost perfectly insensitive to temperature changes, but rather the electrical
  • Calibration and Evaluation of an Improved Low-Cost Soil Moisture Sensor (.pdf)
    Irrigation scheduling in agriculture and turf requires a soil moisture sensor (SMS) that is accurate, reliable, and low-cost. Although there are many SMS on the market, their use is limited because they fall short in one of these areas. A need exists for a sensor that offers high quality
  • Calibrating ECH2O Soil Moisture Sensors (.pdf)
    Decagon's ECH2O probes measure the volumetric water content of the soil by measuring the dielectric constant of the soil, which is a strong function of water content. However, not all soils have identical electrical properties. Due to variations in soil texture and salinity, the generic mineral
  • Monitoring and Recording Soil Moisture Using Wireless Data Collection
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided an economical wireless monitoring system for a government organization undertaking an environmental project measuring the moisture content of peat moss soil. The remote monitoring data would be used in climate prediction efforts, so real-time monitoring was needed
  • Response of the ECH2O EC-10 and EC-20 Soil Moisture Probes to Variation in Water Content, Soil Type, and Solution Electrical Conductivity (.pdf)
    Researchers familiar with commercial water content probes will often ask three questions when approached with a newly developed dielectric sensor: what is the accuracy of the instrument, how does it react to differing soil textures and electrical conductivity, and how much does it cost? In fact
  • Using the CSI AM416 or AM16/32 Multiplexers with ECH2O Soil Moisture Sensors (.pdf)
    Multiplexers are a popular solution for measuring a large number of sensors with a single datalogger. Although conceptually straightforward, care must be taken in wiring the multiplexer to ensure that all sensors are properly grounded or measurements may be susceptible to considerable electronic
  • World Weather: The Soil Has a Role Too
    soil moisture daily by airplane, using sensors that are prototypes for future satellites, with intermittent back-up from satellites. Together, the fleet mapped a 24-mile-wide rectangular path stretching 150 miles and bisecting the middle of Oklahoma, almost from its border with Texas right up to its

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