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  • Federal Register > Thursday, February 1, 2001 > [66 FR 8579] Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation; Notice of Application
    ...Pratt and Whitney aeroderivative gas turbine compressor unit at the Delmont Compressor Station, currently consisting of 12 compressor units, totaling 43,600 HP, located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, with a 13,300 HP Solar Mars 100S gas turbine compressor unit, and to... Therefore, in addition, Texas Eastern proposes to construct auxiliary equipment, including: (a) An outdoor lube oil cooler, (b) a turbine exhaust silencer, (c) a turbine air intake filter system including an in-duct dissipative-type silencer, and (d) a new control building...
  • Advanced Turbine Systems Program, Conceptual Design and Product Development. Task 6, System definition and analysis
    In addition to the gas turbine engine, Solar 's ATS system will consist of three major elements: driver frame, AC generator/reductiongearbox assembly and ancillary support frame. The driver frame includesthe turbine engine start system, lube oil system, gas fuel system and on-board PLC.
  • Advanced turbine systems program conceptual design and product development. Quarterly report, August--October, 1994
    Solar 's ICR Core Gas Turbine Cross-Section Efficiency improvement in a fully integrated system such as that shown in Figure 4 goes beyond the boundary of the gas turbine prime mover itself by reducing parasitic losses in the associated systems. Demand-driven variable speed lube and servo pumps, eliminating the loss from dumping excess oil flow over relief valves.
  • EnergyWeb Screening Criteria Report
    C) Generation and fuel 1) Reciprocating: diesel, gas, dual (diesel, gas ), bio-mass 2) Hydroelectric 3) Combustion gas turbine 4) Photovoltaic 5) Wind D) Elastic demand (curtailable load) 1) Resistive 2) Motor 3) Other E) Storage 1) Battery 2) Compressed air 3... Availability A) Startup time and ramp rate B) Does operation rely on other plant processes (such as shared cooling or lube oil systems , or fuel pre-processing like bio-mass)? C) Does operation depend on renewable sources being available (e.g., solar , wind)?
  • High performance steam development. Final report, Phase No. 3: 1500{degree}F steam plant for industrial cogeneration prototype development tests
    Lubricationof the steamturbine, the reductiongear, and the water brake dynamometerare provided by a skid packagedsystem which is commonto all Solar gas turbine /generator sets. Control of the lubricationsystem is built intothe Turbotronics system . Oil pressure is maintainedby a mechanical pressure regulatingvalve and temperature is maintainedwith a thermostatic valve which ports... Onthe prototype system the main lube pump isAC motor driven, and there is a small back-up...
  • Federal Register > Thursday, August 21, 2014 > [79 FR 49508] ANR Pipeline Company; Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Assessment for the Proposed Sul...
    ...Compression Project would provide about 133.6 million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day to... ‡According to ANR, its project would increase reverse flow capability on its system and provide greater reliability... • An approximately 10,915 horsepower Solar Taurus 70 turbine with C65 compressor; • exhaust silencer, air inlet filtration, and lube oil cooling equipment; .
  • Solar Turbines Incorporated
    The gas turbine , complete with electric starter motor and engine-driven lube oil , sea-water and fuel pumps. Lube oil system including integrated sump, cooler and filters. Solar Turbines provides complete project management and commissioning support and full after sales field service, parts and...
  • Federal Register > Tuesday, April 22, 2003 > [68 FR 19806] El Paso Natural Gas Company; Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Assessment for the Propose...
    El Paso is seeking to replace 3 existing Solar ‡Centaur simple cycle gas turbine engines at the Bondad Compressor Station with a combined horsepower of 10,740 with two Solar Centaur 50-T6100L simple cycle gas turbine engines and one Solar Centaur... Minor modifications to the station skids, panel units, and inlet air systems would be required in order... Project activities would also include upgrading existing lube oil cooler units associated with each turbine to accommodate increased oil heat load and upgrading discharge aftergas cooling system.
  • Advanced turbine systems program -- Conceptual design and product development. Final report
    Inadditionto the gas turbine engine, Solar 's ATS systemwill consist of three major elements: driver frame, AC generatorheduction gearbox assembly and anciiiary support frame. The driver frame includes the turbine engine start system , lubeoilsystem, gas fuel system and on-board PLC. 6.10.1 ATS DriverFrame The driver framewill encompass theturbine, start system, lube oil system, gas fuel system and on- board programmablelogic controller.
  • A High Efficiency PSOFC/ATS-Gas Turbine Power System
    on the cost, efficiency, reliability and maintainabilityof the gas turbine system . 3-41), As a consequence, Solar 's approach to the design of its ATS engine has been Examples of this have been the use of variable fre- quency ac drive motors for lube oil pumps and cooling fans, where the power output can be tailored to meet the actual load requirements.