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  • Solar Radiation and Solar Power System Design (.pdf)
    What information do photovoltaic (PV) engineers use to size a system? Solar radiation is the energy the earth receives every day as photons of light travel through space from the sun to the earth. For a standard unit of measure, the PV industry calculates the radiation on a 1 square meter piece
  • Solar Resistant Optical Fiber and Method
    in the fiber neutralizes UV radiation induced defects and because the hydrogen can only migrate through the fiber ends, the life of the solar resistant fiber for transmission wavelengths is increased by several years over conventional solar resistant fiber.
    The temperature rise inside an enclosure above outdoor ambient is caused by internal equipment heat dissipation and solar energy absorption. Some common thermal management solutions for enclosures include air conditioners, heat exchangers, ventilation and color when evaluating solar loading
  • In-Depth Analysis of MOCVD-Grown GaInP/Ga(In)As/Ge Triple Junction Solar Cells by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (.pdf)
    Concentration photovoltaic (PV) based on III-V solar cells is one of the most promising technologies for dramatically reducing the cost of PV electricity. In order to reduce costs, a high efficiency is usually pursued. This is the main reason for the huge development of multijunction cells (MJCs
  • Plastics Keep Electronics Out of the Weather
    boxes. However, exposure to solar radiation, heat, cold, and precipitation weakens metal. The enclosures eventually develop leaks and fail to protect the electronics inside. To solve this problem, a telecom company talked with rotational molding and design firm (MOD),
  • GenFlective TM Technology
    As more and more flat panel displays (LCD, OLED, Plasma) find their way into outdoor applications, the need becomes far greater for them to not only be able to withstand severe temperature extremes (heat and cold) and solar radiation, but the display must also be readable when exposed to extreme
  • 8 Questions on OSP Cabinet Thermal Management Answered by Experts
    high temperature, high equipment densities, along with the effects of solar radiation, mean that it's relatively easy to exceed this temperature. Consequently, thermal management of OSP cabinets is so important that our experts have had to field a number of related questions.
  • Why Custom Often Isn't Necessary for an Electrical Enclosure Cooling System
    The market for custom cabinet or enclosure air conditioners is growing as applications become more unique, such as pole mounted heavily loaded electrical cabinets, mobile equipment, and electrical control panels in dusty areas with intense solar radiation. The use of customized cabinet cooling

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