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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SY100-30-3A-20 Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Connector Assembly; AC Type; 2000mm Lead Wire; for SY Series Solenoid Valves
CDIRBP1W Allied Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL MICROSWITCH Not Provided Switch, Interlock;Door;left key entry;ac/dc solenoid;terminal strip connector
CDILBP2W Allied Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL MICROSWITCH Not Provided Switch, Interlock;Door;left key entry;ac/dc solenoid;RJ-45 Category 5 connector
NVZ110-5MOZ-M5 Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Solenoid Valve, 3 port, NC, 24VDC, M plug w/o connector
ASD-22-24D Not Provided Pneumatic Components / Pneumatic Air Preparation (FRL-Filters, Regulators, Lubricators) / Soft Start Valves (ASD Series) / 1-z-4 inch NPT NITRA pneumatic soft start / pressure relief valve (dump valve), 1/4 inch NPT female In / Out ports, 1/4 inch NPT female exhaust port, Cv=7.5, 24VDC solenoid, DIN style wiring connector with LED indication. T-bracket included. Modular design enables easy field assembly with NITRA pneumatic AF-22...
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  • Safety Switches: TP Series, Solenoid Locking
    of bolts (see pages 33 and 34). For safety switches NP, GP and TP, EUCHNER offers bolts which can be fastened to standard profiles with little effort. Pre-wired with connectors, safety switches NP, GP and TP can offer maximum protection. The standard safety switches are BG, CAS, SAQ, SUVA and UL
  • Customized parts streamline production
    a double-valve wiring harness with four pairs of connectors and cables cut to custom lengths. These 12-V connectors boost LED brightness, making the equipment safer and easier to operate. Our company also added surge suppression to the connectors, screen-printed the function of each solenoid coil onto
  • Application of Pick-and-Hold Modules
    local variations in ground potential should not affect operation. In distributed systems the pick-and-hold circuit should be situated as close as possible to the driven solenoid. In systems where pick-and-hold is used primarily for force/speed benefits, and where the solenoid is situated close
  • Mini valve features high flow
    flow rates exceed that of other miniature solenoid valves in its class largely because the coil and body are combined in a single unit with a unique, flow design. Conventional valves have separate coils and bodies. Energizing the X-Valve shifts a stainless-steel plunger and directs flow. A key
  • Powder Metal Designs Win PowderMet 2009 Awards
    and appliances, hand tool and recreation, and aerospace and military categories. The automotive-engine grand prize went to a powdered-metal (PM) steel manifold developed by , Carson, Calif., and Capstan's customer , Bloomfield, Conn. The manifold, assembled with a solenoid into the valve-train of a heavy-duty