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Parts by Number for Solenoid Connector Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SY100-30-3A-20 Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Connector Assembly; AC Type; 2000mm Lead Wire; for SY Series Solenoid Valves
CDIRBP1W Allied Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL MICROSWITCH Not Provided Switch, Interlock;Door;left key entry;ac/dc solenoid;terminal strip connector
CDILBP2W Allied Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL MICROSWITCH Not Provided Switch, Interlock;Door;left key entry;ac/dc solenoid;RJ-45 Category 5 connector
NVZ110-5MOZ-M5 Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Solenoid Valve, 3 port, NC, 24VDC, M plug w/o connector
ASD-22-24D Not Provided Pneumatic Components / Pneumatic Air Preparation (FRL-Filters, Regulators, Lubricators) / Soft Start Valves (ASD Series) / 1-z-4 inch NPT NITRA pneumatic soft start / pressure relief valve (dump valve), 1/4 inch NPT female In / Out ports, 1/4 inch NPT female exhaust port, Cv=7.5, 24VDC solenoid, DIN style wiring connector with LED indication. T-bracket included. Modular design enables easy field assembly with NITRA pneumatic AF-22...
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  • Safety Switches: TP Series, Solenoid Locking
    in the toughest environmental conditions. switch has a fail-safe system for monitoring the solenoid. With the aid of the interlocking monitoring system, EUCHNER safety. The actuation head in safety switches NP, GP and TP can easily. switch TP meets all the necessary conditions for use for personal
  • General Industry Solenoid Valves Installation and Troubleshooting
    Bulletin, General Industry Solenoid Valves - General Purpose Solenoid Valve - Clark Solutions. Valves > > General Purpose Solenoid Valve > > General Industry Solenoid Valves. CLARK SOLUTIONS. Technical Bulletin, General Industry Solenoid Valves. Installation and Troubleshooting. MODELS COVERED
  • Integrated Electronic Connector Gasket Significantly Cuts Cost, Assembly Time
    conditions the gasket will meet in long-term service. Consequently, we can see considerable potential application for this technology and materials combination in the future.". The Dana gasket is the first to integrate wiring harness, all fuel injector, plug, sensor and actuator/solenoid power
  • Selecting Cabling and Connectors for Industrial Ethernet Applications (.pdf)
    sufficient. noise immunity for many applications. However, if a noise source is strong enough or close enough, it can interfere with the. data signals. If your cabling will run near equipment such as arc welders, switching relays, AC drives, solenoid valves and. other noise sources, consider shielded cabling
  • Voice Coil Motors
    Voice coil motors offer excellent control characteristics where linear actuation is required over short distances with electronic control systems. Comparison of the force characteristics vs displacement, and vs current, for voice coil devices and solenoid actuators shows the difference between
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Subminiature Solenoid Valve. A two-way closed valve is now available with in-line barbed fittings. The Series 58 subminiature solenoid valve offered by Peter Paul Electronics Company, Inc. (New Britain, CT; comes in 3.5 or 0.9 W units. The valve is suitable for interfacing to circuit
  • Customized parts streamline production
    a double-valve wiring harness with four pairs of connectors and cables cut to custom lengths. These 12-V connectors boost LED brightness, making the equipment safer and easier to operate. Our company also added surge suppression to the connectors, screen-printed the function of each solenoid coil onto
  • Medical Device Link .
    in medical equipment. A quarter turn of the knob shaft mates all the contacts at once using a cam and bearing mechanism. ITT Electronic Components, Newton, MA. Valve connectors. A line of valve connectors are mainly used with solenoid valves in hydraulic and pneumatic applications. The DIN
  • Medical Device Link .
    programmed precision microdispensing of high-purity or aggressive fluids. The robust micropump, measuring 3�4 in. in diameter and 17�8 in. high, can be factory-set to handle discrete fixed-output flows of 3 to 8 �l per solenoid actuation. It offers an inert fluid path for precise
  • Application of Pick-and-Hold Modules
    local variations in ground potential should not affect operation. In distributed systems the pick-and-hold circuit should be situated as close as possible to the driven solenoid. In systems where pick-and-hold is used primarily for force/speed benefits, and where the solenoid is situated close