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  • Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches-Image
    Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches - (90 companies)
    ...and covers. The switch can be tripped by a simple action such as opening a door. Tripping the switch can turn a machine off, preventing damage to both a human operator and the machine. Noncontact safety interlock switches work by coupling a moveable door... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Solenoid Valves-Image
    Solenoid Valves - (989 companies)
    The inlet pressure opens and closes the valve seal. This type of valve is also called a servo-type valve. More information can be found at Engineering360's How to Select Linear Solenoids and How to Select Rotary Solenoids pages. Applications. Solenoid... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches-Image
    Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches - (131 companies)
    Key Interlock & Cable-Pull Safety Swtiches). Banner Engineering (Safety Interlock Switches). Euchner (Safety Interlock Switches). Leviton (Mechanical Interlocks). (Safety Switch Principles & Devices). Schmersal (Man-Machine... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Transfer Switches-Image
    Transfer Switches - (205 companies)
    ...transfer switches allow switching from a primary to a secondary, or even a tertiary power source. Others are used to switch from a regular power source to a temporary generator. How a Transfer Switch Works. A transfer switch can be a simple switch... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Interlocks and Tag Out Devices-Image
    Interlocks and Tag Out Devices - (84 companies)
    Interlocks and tag out devices "lock out" valves, electrical switches or other components. These devices are used typically during service or maintenance of machinery or process equipment. Interlocks and tag out devices "lock out" valves, electrical... Learn More
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    Rotary Solenoids - (72 companies)
    These durable, high-torque devices are similar to bi-stable products in that a permanent magnet holds the position even when power is not applied. Latching solenoids also use permanent magnets to maintain position. They are designed for low duty cycle... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Linear Solenoids - (138 companies)
    They are generally larger and significantly less expensive than rotary solenoids, but have fewer life cycles. When selecting products, buyers should consider maximum stroke, torque, and response time. Maximum stroke is the full linear travel of the solenoid 's... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Locks and Locking Systems - (532 companies)
    Locks and locking systems are mechanical fastening devices designed to close and control access to doors, drawers, or containers. Common types of locks include cam locks, combination locks, deadbolts, padlocks, and key-operated locks. Learn More
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    Solenoid Valve Connectors - (26 companies)
    Solenoid Valve Connectors Information. Solenoid valve connectors are used to connect solenoid valves and pressure switches. Solenoid valve connectors are often used as environmentally resistant junction boxes. These protective enclosures can be used... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pushbutton Switches - (654 companies)
    How to Select Pushbutton Switches. Flush pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Automationdirect Raised pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Digi-Key Recessed pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Schurter. Pushbutton switches are mechanical switches defined... Search by Specification | Learn More

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This article discusses Control Category 4 series wired circuits and the effect on Performance Levels (ISO 13849-1) that the inclusion of emergency stop buttons and other electromechanical switches would have. By Mike DeRosier, Schmersal USA, 11/22/2011...

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  • CR4 - Thread: How the "ELCB & SOCKET TESTER" Work
    … ELCB detects the imbalance between the voltage/current supplied via the live wire, and that returned via the neutral wire, and operates a small solenoid interlock , releasing a mechanical latch , and the ELCB fully … … which open-circuits it, switching the power off rapidly.
  • DOE/USDA joint project to design and manufacture prototype equipment
    The eight interlock switches are closed when the four encapsulatingsystem doors are closed and latched , Whenany door is unlatchedor opened, DC voltageis removed from all solenoid and stepper motor control lines and AC voltageis removed from the AC strip plugged into the …
  • The control of hydro-electric plant
    S.I) Valve Controls and Position Indicators Solenoids for servo-motor pilot-valve operation may be either electrically-held or latched -in mechanisms, preferably the latter, to avoid risk of overheating short-time-rated coils or maloperation by the temporary failure of … Some solenoids are de-energized by limit switches on the valve travel, but if obstruc- tion prevents completion of the stroke the coil current may be perpetuated unless it is derived through a timing interlock .