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  • Solid modeler smooths transition to 3D design
    Solid Edge V12 is packed with useful tools to help a company manage the data explosion that often comes after transitioning from 2D to 3D design. Compared to previous versions, V12 has better data management, surface modeling, wire-harness-design features, and interoperability. The CAD software
  • The Changing Shape of 3D Modeling
    The Changing Shape of 3D Modeling Direct modelers provide a hands-on way to create and edit solid models. An emerging technology called "direct modeling " provides a new way to interact with solid models. As the approach becomes increasingly diverse, it can contain several different technologies
  • Planning the move to 3D design
    A few do's and don'ts speed the transition from 2D drawing to 3D modeling. Transitioning from 2D to 3D modeling takes a commitment and a plan, but the investment pays off. To get the most benefit from 3D-modeling systems such as Solid Edge, plan on training, a quiet place to work, and support
  • Saving Time and Money with 3D Printing
    An ideal complement to CAD, 3D printing offers a fast, low-cost alternative for building concept and working models. Designed for workstation and network access much like a standard laser printer, 3D printing is growing in usage along with the unprecedented growth of CAD solid modeling. Both rapid
  • Custom Harley parts go 3D
    of 6061 aluminum into a boldly contoured shape with ridges, peaks, lobes, and areas cut around bolt holes. The 3D software easily handled the design, " says Peek, "And Solid-Works models pipe directly into FeatureCAM. It identifies such CAD features as holes and slots and then determines rough
  • Good Solid Modeling, Bad FEA
    One of the latest methods of slashing development time is to use the 3D models that CAD users create as a basis for finite-element analysis. In a perfect world, performing finite-element analysis on these models directly, rather than recreating data for this purpose, lets analysts concentrate more
  • Introduction to AutoCAD 2006 2D and 3D Design
    Introduction to AutoCAD 2006 2D and 3D Design. Taking the reader step by step through the features of AutoCAD, this practical, structured guide introduces principles and 2D technical drawings, then goes on to demonstrate construction of 3D solid model drawings and rendering of 3D models, and more.
  • Software allows working in 2D, 3D, or both
    Components, introduced in Solid Edge V17, allow creating 2D representations from existing 3D components, which can then be used in layouts. The hybrid feature lets engineers do what makes design sense rather than being restricted to only one model type. Users begin with the Virtual Component Structure

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    Single Stage Solid 3D Model -Real GA..................................................39 Figure 22.
  • Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation
    � angles, 70 SingleSegment document class, 327 skewing with matrices, 482 SkewX document class, 482 Skinner, Grant, 245 sliders for controlling walk cycle, 335 slingshot effect, 310 snippets use of init method with code snippets, 20 solids modeling 3D solids, 438�447 moving 3D �
  • Practical 3D Printers
    To generate the path for our printer�s extruder, we need to use a separate application called a slicer to take ourr solid 3D model and slice it into layers suitable for 3D printing.
  • Foundation ActionScript Animation
    smoothing parameter attachBitmap method, 95 solids modeling 3D solids, 374�382 moving 3D solids, 382�385 sorting z-sorting (depth sorting), 394�400 sortOn method, 395 sound attachSound function, 446 integrating sound with animation, 444�447 space/stage for objects .
  • Rapid prototyping versus virtual prototyping in product design and manufacturing
    Similarly, VP is defined as the subsequent manipulation of a solid CAD model as a substitute for a physical prototype for the purposes of simulation and analysis, and is not inclusive of the construction of the solid 3D model .
  • Rapid Prototyping: Principles and Applications
    T612 Benchtop The T612 Benchtop system reduces costs and time-to- market a product by translating CAD designs into solid 3D models so accurate that one can go beyond concept modeling to produce tooling grade patterns ready for casting or mold-making.
  • ZCP2002TWR0826
    3D Solid model 3D Shell model x,2D -0,055 .
  • Biologically Responsive Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering
    Taking into account that the purpose was to create a multi- solid 3D model (a model composed of the inner body and outer shell), two different masks were necessary to be applied.